Are gaming laptops cheaper than gaming desktops [Explained 2023]

The comparison between gaming laptops and desktops is a subject that interests many, but one question stands out: Are gaming laptops cheaper than gaming desktops? While laptops offer the convenience of being lightweight and having a sleek design, they also provide all the essential features of a desktop. However, when it comes to gaming, there are several factors to consider before making a decision.

Just by comparing the features and specifications of gaming desktops and laptops, you cannot get to know which one is better. 

You may find gaming laptops better, whereas, from some aspects, you may discover gaming desktops better and so, you would be able to conclude are gaming laptops cheaper than gaming desktops. 

Let’s get to know which is better in all aspects, a gaming laptop or a gaming desktop.

Are gaming laptops cheaper than gaming desktops?
Are gaming laptops cheaper than gaming desktops?
  • Portability

We know gaming laptops are portable, whereas gaming desktops aren’t. This factor is quite reliable when it comes to business traveling and fun. 

You can easily carry your gaming laptop anywhere you want, whereas the portability of these gaming desktops is difficult. 

Indeed the issue of portability is a big one but still, there are a lot of factors that answer the question of are gaming laptops cheaper than gaming desktops. 

  • Performance

More or less, gaming laptops and gaming desktops offer similar performance. Most of the models have equivalent RAM and storage as well. 

The only difference that seems to arise between these two is graphics and processor, and that is because they don’t use the same hardware. Therefore, it’s still not understood are gaming laptops cheaper than gaming desktops?

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  • Cooling and thermal effectivity

When it comes to the noises that come from a gaming laptop, they just can’t be ignored. It’s mainly because these gaming laptops heat up more quickly, due to which the burden on the sensors of cooling fans increases to lower the rising temperature. 

Hence, the fans run more rapidly, resulting in whirring and a buzzing sound. However, you wouldn’t have to experience such things on a gaming desktop. 

Since there is plenty of space for the components to adjust in gaming desktops, they don’t heat up quickly and make loud noises. 

In laptops, the room is less, so the heat gathers around and compels the fans to run more rapidly. Another factor is power consumption.

A gaming laptop quickly consumes about 200-300 watts at load, whereas a gaming desktop consumes 100 watts minimum and around 500 watts at load. 

This may lead to an increased electricity bill if you opt for a gaming desktop. Hence, we get to know are gaming laptops cheaper than gaming desktops. 

  • Pricing and value for money

Here comes the most important point for the discussion and that is if gaming laptops are cheaper than gaming desktops. 

It’s a fact that gaming desktops are no less than gaming laptops apart from the point of portability. 

However, gaming desktops are found comparatively cheaper than gaming laptops. But, it has its pros and cons. 

One thing has to be kept in mind if you plan to purchase gaming desktops and that is you would be buying everything separately. 

From keyboard, mouse, monitor, CPU, and speakers, everything comes in separate. That is why we all wonder are gaming laptops cheaper than gaming desktops. 

Whereas, in gaming laptops, all these costs are additionally included because there is nothing separate in a laptop. 

So if you plan on buying a gaming desktop, you might get different prices for different accessories. You would have to pay separately for the monitor, the CPU, the mouse, and the speakers and keyboard as well. 

So, an approximate $1000 gaming desktop would cost you around $2000 after including these accessories altogether once all the audio-visual gears are completed. 

Hence, you must now get to know are gaming laptops cheaper than gaming desktops. If you plan on purchasing a desktop by building it on your own, the prices would come in extra.

If you would want to include a GPU of high-end quality, that would charge you extra. Above all, even after spending dollars on your gaming desktop that you have built on your own, you wouldn’t be able to move it from one place to another because that’s where the desktops lack. 

Portability is the issue. So, isn’t it wise to spend on a pre-built laptop? But one thing that you have to bring to your notice is the issue of upgradability as well. 

A new graphics card can renew the life of an old gaming desktop but you cannot upgrade a laptop. Hence, what you need to do is either to buy a new laptop after a certain passage of time so that you can enjoy the upgraded version of it. 

Hence, with gaming laptops, life gets tough as it fails to upgrade whereas gaming desktops don’t have any issue with the upgrade. 

They add life to an old gaming desktop as well. There are multiple reasons to know are gaming laptops cheaper than gaming desktops and most of them are mentioned in this article. 

Pros of gaming desktops:

There are a lot of pros if you opt to buy a gaming desktop. They are comparatively less expensive than gaming laptops. 

Apart from this, even if you build your gaming desktop by purchasing everything separately, these gaming desktops have a better price-to-performance ratio and that’s where the win lies. 

These desktops have a better life span in comparison to gaming laptops as well. The best part of using gaming desktops is their easy upgrade. 

You can change the graphic card and it brings an entirely new life to an old and used desktop. Laptops have limited options for upgrading and hence that’s the weak point because upgrading is important. 

You don’t have any such option of building your laptop on your own. Desktops can be pre-built. You can add a keyboard of your choice, can add speakers of your choice, can select a monitor of your preference, and similarly, you can add a CPU as well. 

However, on laptops, everything comes in prepared. You cannot change or decide on your own. Indeed, choosing components separately can increase the cost but that’s when you get to know are gaming laptops cheaper than gaming desktops

Cons of gaming desktops:

It’s a fact that laptops are cheaper than gaming desktops but apart from pricing, the biggest turn-off is the mobility of gaming desktops. 

You have to play where the setup is fixed, you cannot easily carry it on your lap and play games as that’s what most gaming laptop owners do. 

The portability of gaming desktops is not possible because of the weight of every component separately. Another negative point of these gaming desktops is the nonavailability of separate parts of the gaming desktops. 

Most of the users complain about the nonavailability of the graphic card that’s the most recent one launched in the market. Hence, the users end up buying a similar option of graphic card for their gaming PC. 

Pros of gaming laptops:

While we already have gone through the pros of gaming desktops, there are a lot of pros of using a gaming laptop as well. Portability is their win. You can use it while traveling, on your bed while laying, sitting, and eating snacks, you can move it easily from one place to another. Their portability is easy, they are light in weight and easy to carry as well. 

They have everything incorporated. Webcams, speakers, monitors, and other useful devices. Users get only one device and they don’t have to worry about getting things separately for their laptops. They have a sleek design and are easy to carry as well. 

Cons of gaming laptops:

The prices of these gaming laptops are sometimes on a hike. You may get a gaming laptop at cheaper rates as well but in most cases, their prices are found quite high. 

It’s because their upgrade is difficult so the modern laptops use updated and high-end graphic cards and other essentials that are themselves expensive. Hence, these gaming laptops sometimes can cost you higher. 

Also, you don’t have to worry about the maintenance of these gaming laptops now and then. It’s because all of the components used in the gaming laptops are updated and hence you don’t need to upgrade or repair anything. 

Good gaming laptops have minimum repairability and upgradability. But, there are some cases where you are bound to repair or upgrade the laptop so that is going to cost you much. 

The size of the screen is usually smaller in gaming laptops. However, for gaming, larger screens are preferred for better visuals. 

Also, the size of the components babbles down to get it fixed within the given space, hence this deeply affects the performance of the laptop. 


Both gaming laptops and gaming desktops have extensive features and specifications. Each one of them has its pros and cons. 

When it comes to the pricing to choose are gaming laptops cheaper than gaming desktops there aren’t many factors to look into. It’s mainly because gaming desktops aren’t as cheaper as they are thought to be. 

When it comes to building your gaming desktop, there are separate prices for each item and that can also be heavy on the pocket as well. 

If you have to choose one among them considering their price-to-performance ratio, gaming desktops are a clear win. However, good luck with your search! 


Q1. Is a gaming PC worth it in 2022?

Yes! Gaming PCs are worth buying today. You can customise the PC as per your favourite components and make it up to you. They are comparatively cheaper and can be repaired and upgraded easily. 

Q2. Which gaming laptop is the best in 2022?

The Asus Rog Zephyrus has some of the best customer reviews and can come under the category of the best laptop in 2022 but, you can choose as per your convenience and your budget. 

Q3. Can gaming laptops be used for work?

Yes! These gaming laptops are okay to be used for office work or personal use. Even if they are entitled to gaming laptops, it doesn’t mean that they are only specified for gaming. You can use them for any purpose.

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