The Best Apple Laptops for University Students – 2023

University students need technology that is easily accessible, and the best Apple laptops can offer a competitive edge.

Laptops have revolutionized the way we work and live today. Unlike desktop computers, laptops are portable, space-saving, and convenient.

However, a laptop is one-unit having all these parts inculcated in it. This way it has become portable, and easy to carry and it hardly occupies any space. What else can be the biggest good news for university students than this? 

The university students are bound to submit their unlimited tasks and assignments one after another, presentations, exams, and whatnot. In short, they have to multitask. 

For multitasking, you being a student, should have a laptop that can multitask as well. What it should include is a fast processor so that all the functions and data run smoothly and uninterruptedly.

Huge storage and capacity is required for the students to transfer and download data, install applications, and space for data edits.

Best Apple Laptops for University Students
Best Apple Laptops for University Students

Why Apple laptops for University Students?

Research has shown that promising results and quality is found in Apple manufactured by Steve Jobs. Apple, since its inception, has launched products that are tried and tested. 

They have the only goal and that is to do better every time. This is the reason they have manufactured these outclass laptops that can be the most suitable option for university students. 

They should have all those promising qualities in them as they should have a stunning display, great battery health, a powerful processor that runs smoothly and efficiently, built-in speakers and studio-quality mic, and last but not least should be pocket friendly. 

Therefore, an Apple laptop with great battery health, fast processing, a huge and ultra-wide display with millions of color contrasts, and a pocket-friendly option is going to be a steal deal for students. 

There are a variety of laptops available in markets with the finest quality and specifications but nothing is promised. 

Apple has built its name and that has only become possible because of its utmost efforts and delivery of quality every single time. 

Let’s get to know some of the Apple masterpieces that come under the category of the best Apple laptops for university students. 

These are:

1. 2019 Apple MacBook Pro:


Who doesn’t know about the outstanding features of apple? Apple is a name of quality. This Apple MacBook has its model named MacBook Pro. 

A student using this laptop will fall in love with its 16 inches wide screen where all the visuals are clear and appealing with a diversified range of millions of colors. 

What makes this model good for university students is the Retina display and True Tone technology installed. 

An applaudable specification of this laptop is 1 TB of its hard disk size which can be a perfect deal for students.

Most people find it difficult to keep their official and personal data on their laptops because they often run out of storage but, this spec deserves all the appreciation considering the laptop to be used by students. 

The CPU model of this laptop is core i9 7960x and the RAM is 16 GB. Storage matters when it comes to keeping large assignment files, presentations, and data. 

The operating system is Mac OS and that is why the functionality of apple products goes smooth and uninterrupted. 

Mac OS has set the bar for quality and anything below the bar isn’t worth the money and your time. 

Other exciting features of this laptop are Touch Bar and Touch ID which gives maximum security and during the college days, those are the options the students look out for the most. 

The commendable speakers and force canceling woofers make the clearest audio making it a great feature in this model. 

A laptop having four thunderbolts and 3 USB ports with an easy-to-carry weight of 4.3 LB is what makes it every students’s favorite. 

The product dimensions of this laptop are 9.68×14.09×0.64 inches hence, easy to carry anywhere. 

Due to all the above-mentioned features, this laptop is included in the list of best apple laptops for university students.

  • Up To 8 TB SSD storage
  • It has a battery with a strong work ethic
  • Up to 11 hours of battery health
  • Durable keypad
  • Excellent sound quality
  • The display isn’t 4k
  • A bit on the expensive side

2. 2020 Apple MacBook Air Laptop for University Students:


The model name of this laptop is MacBook Air. And like all other Apple products, this laptop is also no less than any other. 

What makes this laptop the best for students is its exciting screen size of 13.3 inches, outstanding colors, and visually appealing display. 

Not only this, the hard disk size is 256 GB and RAM storage of 8 GB is a clear sign of huge storage for all the downloads and installations needed by the students. 

Mac OS is the operating system and is evidence of its smooth activity. All of the apple products have something in them like no other. They deliver promising results and quality. 

The CPU speed is 3.1 GHz having the thinnest and lightest notebook for students to be used in college or university. 

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The excessively fast 8-core CPU helps you multitask with projects going on simultaneously. The usage goes smooth, uninterrupted, and accelerated with the 16-core neutral engine. 

Still, one feature that is the most exceptional is its excessively long battery life of up to 18 hours straight. What else would a student look for that his laptop remains workable for a long time? 

With some of the best features and specifications, this model also comes under the umbrella of the best Apple laptops for university students.

The silent and fanless design of this laptop has its product dimensions as 11.97”x0.63”x8.36” which somewhat makes it 2.8 LB which is quite easy to carry. 

All such features and specifications are found in laptops that are either expensive or unavailable most of the time. 

Their guarantee and quality are also not promised. Hence, stop the laptop from running and choose the one that serves you well in the university.

  • The traditional scissor switches are what makes it different
  • It has a larger trackpad
  • Outstanding Retina display
  • The speakers come with a solid audio quality
  • The webcam is 720p giving a low-quality visual experience

3. 2019 Apple MacBook Pro core i7:


With the same model name that is MacBook Pro, this model has all those advanced features to win your heart all over again. 

Apple, being one of the finest names in the industry, has all those answers to questions like what is the best laptop for university students? 

While students are juggling high grades and marks, they depend on huge data collection, research and files to be stored on their laptops. 

Imagine at this time of urgency any student runs out of battery or storage? It’s no less than a haunted nightmare but with this model, you are all good to go and do wonders ahead. 

All such restoration needs huge space and for that most of the students opt for this model. 

That’s what set this laptop apart as it has the highest capacity storage that any notebook can have till now and that is the reason this model is enlisted among the best laptop for university students in 2022. 

The ultimately wide, 16 inches screen and a hard disk with a size of 512 GB are the two primary factors to love this model. 

The screen never fails to win hearts while giving an immersive viewing experience to the students. 

Other factors which make it possible to hit the list of best Apple laptops for university students include its CPU and RAM. 

Fast processor, huge storage, outstanding audio quality, and exceptional visuals are what make it the best. 

For fast and uninterrupted processing, this university Apple laptop comes with a CPU model of intel corei7, the RAM size is 16 GB and the cherry on the top is its Mac OS operating system which makes all the processing and installations. 

What makes it handy is its dimensions which are 9.68×14.09×0.64 inches. It’s a plus point as most of the laptops have similar configurations, specifications, and features but they are bulky and can’t be carried easily. 

For students, such laptops are a big no, no matter what quality and specifications they hold. Last but not least is its battery health, giving a major chunk of straight 11 hours of usage. 

  • It’s a budget-friendly option
  • It has decent audio quality along with speakers and a studio mic
  • Exceptional visuals
  • It lacks a full-size USB port or SD card

4. 2021 Apple MacBook Pro 10 core CPU


This series of Apple productions is supercharged for the benefits it has to be on the list of best cheap laptops for students.

For a visually appealing view, all you need is a wide display and Liquid Retina XDR display and if you get your hands on this, you can enjoy a stunning visual experience. 

The ultra-wide 16 inches display tends to welcome millions of colors in it. It’s a literal feast to your eyes due to its outstanding color contrast ratio. It can easily entertain the students with 8K video. 

With a hard disk of 512 GB, RAM of 16 GB, and up to 4x powerful graphics, you have no reasons to give this laptop a second thought. 

To make it more in your favor, isn’t it exciting that it has powerful speakers, excellent audio quality, and a studio-quality mic for the students? 

From thunderbolt to the headphone jack to ports to outstanding storage capacity, it has it all, you name it! 

Another exceptional feature for the university studnets is its underlying battery health of giving up to 21 hours and those are some maximum hours that a laptop can give. 

The dimensions of this laptop are 9.77x14x0.66 inches making it weigh around 4.62 LB which is slightly bulkier but keeping in mind the other features of this model, it’s no big deal. 

This laptop has made its way to the list of best Apple laptops for university students. 

  • Phenomenal battery health
  • Extra connectivity ports and expansions
  • Outstanding audio quality
  • HD visuals and color contrasts
  • A bit bulkier than the usual laptops
  • Expensive

5. 2021 Apple MacBook Pro 14-inch, Apple M1 Pro chip with 8‑core CPU


After getting to know a few of Apple’s masterpieces specifically for students, here’s another manufacturing from Apple that can bawl your mind. 

This series from Apple has great ratings and customer reviews for its groundbreaking quality and promising results, exceptional features, and specs, and above all, its ultra fast processing which is indeed heart-winning. 

So which laptop is best for university students? Let’s get to know why students should choose this model for their university and even later in life. 

The foremost appreciable part is its wide 14.2 inches display. The display may be a matter of concern for students because visualization of any project is important. 

It can be helpful for them to record their lectures or even present themselves. 512 GB of hard disk and 16 GB of RAM with a fast and uninterrupted MAC OS operating system is why this should be your steal deal. 

The laptop is capable of supporting 8K Videos and has incredible graphics, outstanding battery life of up to 17 hours. Such battery life is a lifesaver, especially for students. 

Being a student, this can be the most haunting part for you seeing the battery getting drained quickly after certain usage. 

To enjoy all those vibrant hues, different color contrasts, and visuals, get this model of Apple production today. 

What makes it easy to carry is its dimensions which are 8.71×12.31×0.61 inches and it weighs around 3.52 LB. It’s quite light and has the thinnest yet most attractive body design. 

  • Stunning visuals and overall performance
  • Long battery life
  • Flexible keyboard
  • Easily accessible ports
  • The screen size isn’t that appealing

Editors Choice:

All of these Apple manufacturers are a class apart. They have most of the features, configurations, and specifications in them which makes them the best apple laptops for university students. 

However, you may find the same configuration, specs, and features in other laptops as well but, the quality and results are not promised. 

Apple is a name of perfection and so are its products. Keeping in mind the prices, specs, and features, these laptops are commendable in terms of their usage by university students. 

There should be no compromise on the battery health, display, screen size, storage, and above all processing. 

The mentioned laptops have these features which makes them the most compatible option for university kids. 

Coming to the point, choosing one among all of them is a hard nut to crack as all of them have top-notch features and specifications, and all of them are a great investment not only in student life but for the future as well. 

However, what tops the list is undoubtedly the 2021 Apple MacBook Pro 10 core CPU. The sole reason for choosing this one as the best among all of them is its phenomenal battery health. 

We have to be more focused on fulfilling the criteria w.r.t students and long battery health, ultra-wide display and above all, fastest and uninterrupted processing is what sets its class apart.  

It’s a one-time investment and the promising results and quality is guaranteed. Other options are also considerable and have the finest quality and specs but this one tops the list due to multiple reasons listed above. 

Invest wisely, and educate yourself on what to buy and what not to. This article can be your ultimate guide and helps you save time as it has all the relevant information regarding some of the best Apple laptops for university students. Happy shopping! 

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