The Best Chromebook under 300 in 2023

When it comes to finding the best Chromebook under 300, the options available are plenty. However, we have narrowed down the list to some of the best options based on their specifications and performance.

Chromebooks are a modern version of thin-and-light laptops that are ideal for handling less complicated tasks. They are known for their portability and multitasking capabilities, making them a handy option for users.

This article would specifically help those looking for a no-frills machine and that too within a budget. 

However, there are new inventions and some previous ones still available in the market but, more or less one has to compromise either on the quality or on the price to purchase the chromebook according to the requirements. 

Given the fact that a new MAC or Windows laptop can easily cost you thousands of bucks. It may be sound advice to look for a Chromebook that can tackle your needs under a pocket-friendly budget.

Considering the pricier counterpart, the only compromise that the end-user has to make is to deal with low-end components, such as a slower processor and a smaller hard drive. 

But the fact is, Chromebooks are not dedicated to catering to complex tasks. It takes a less complicated machine to perform basic tasks like documenting and browsing.

best Chromebook under 300
best Chromebook under 300 –

Tech communities across the world have been reviewing these newly launched low cost Chromebooks for several reasons. 

Users have stated that for a price of $300, these machines are an absolute go-to deal.

After evaluating and taking into account the factors like; display quality, performance under workload, the comfortability of the keyboard, and battery health.

We have trimmed down 5 of the best possible options to choose from, the best Chromebook under 300

These are well-consumer-rated machines that most budget-conscious and rational buyers have been recommending. Given their performance concerning their cost.

Why should you consider a Chromebook?

In a world dominated by Windows and MAC Os, Chromebooks have become a true force to be reckoned with. 

Given their portability, pocket-friendliness, and packed multiple options, these machines have been a friend for many.

Chromebooks have always topped the list because you can utilize them for a relatively lower cost than most window machines while having more or less the same level of performance that either of the brands provides.

Also taking into consideration the fact that these machines are almost immune to viruses and threats, most of the fancy machines usually become a victim. 

All praises to cloud computing and the usage of web-based applications in this 300 dollars device instead of installable software. 

The Chrome OS works on web-based applications, which means that there is no installable software to get affected.  

Sandboxing also provides an extra layer of cyber security to keep the consumer’s data safe and private. The $300 chromebooks can not only run faster but they boot faster as well. 

This also means that the setup time is almost zero. Compared to the fancy windows and Mac machines.

Despite having limited hardware these machines often perform at more than their expected speed in reasonable price. 

Since most of the applications are easily available as extensions on the web, it makes Chromebooks much faster than the windows and mac machines.

Furthermore, after reviewing the best possible options, keeping into consideration the budget and the performance, we have short-listed the best Chromebook under 300.

Best Chromebook options with top-of-the-line features under $300:

To break it down, we have jotted down the best possible Chromebook options, with complete details. These include their prices, specifications, pros, and cons, respectively.

This article is going to help you cut down your browsing efforts, searching for multiple options and different brands. 

Go through the details and make sure you select the best Chromebook for yourself. Without any further due, let’s move forward with the Chromebooks that can cost you $300 or under.

Following is the list;

1. Samsung Chromebook 3, 11.6”


This $189 Samsung Chromebook is a great machine for both the school-going and those who travel frequently. The series is Chromebook 3.

This laptop comes with an amazing display of 11.6 inches and boasts a wide range of color spectrums on the screen. While the hard disk of this machine comes with 32Gb eMMC flash storage. 

Along with its impactful display, this machine allows you to enjoy a minimum of 10Hour battery life under 300.

As for the processor, this $189 review unit is packed with a 1.6 GHz Intel Celeron N3060 processor. For display purposes, it has the amazing Intel HD Graphics 400. 

A must mention is the fact that these specifications are no less than any other expensive windows or Mac machines, which range somewhat between $1000 and beyond.

For a sub $200 device, this version of Chromebook has an amazing built quality, which is no less than a surprise because the body is made entirely of plastic, which is not easily breakable and lasts quite longer than it is expected to do so.

Not to forget, that the chassis of this machine has a comfortable palm rest for extensive writing-related tasks. 

Nevertheless, after weighing out all the comparatives, this Samsung Chromebook is possibly the best Chromebook under 300.

  • Bright and Colorful Screen
  • Strong 10HR Battery Backup
  • Commendable Performance
  • Low-end performing, muddy speakers
  • The bottom runs warm quite quickly

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2: HP Chromebook 14 Inches


If, as an end-user, you ever had second thoughts regarding the Chromebooks as a viable and potential option to choose from, then HP Chromebook 14 is sure to remove any concern.

While the majority of the users are either gravitated toward MAC Os and windows but Chromebooks have their place in this competitive market and this machine is proof of that statement.

This Chromebook comes with an amazing display of 14 inches of vibrant color screen. For enhanced performance, HP uses a 4GB SDRAM, which helps the Chromebook in maintaining lag-free performance for just 300. 

Adding the fact that it is powered by the Intel Celeron processor, this machine goes a mile longer than most Chromebooks do.

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The storage of this Chromebook is a 32 Gb Flash eMMC drive. The battery has been tested by various users to stand at almost a 10HR cycle which is a pretty long duration for minimalist tasks to be carried out by this $300 machine. 

But it also shows that apart from the least technical tasks, individuals can go on with complex tasks as well. 

Last but not least it offers amazing keyboard in affordable range. It has an amazing keyboard specifically for those with complex typing needs. 

The keyboard is not mushy at all and the trackpad is equally brilliant to work with. The response time is great and so it serves as the best chromebook under 300 for HP lovers.

  • Excellent Keyboard and Trackpad
  • Chrome OS works speedily
  • Very colorful, 1080p display
  • Battery life is average compared to other Chromebooks
  • Performance is not as commendable as some other High-end Chromebooks

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3. Lenovo IdeaPad Duet 10.1 inches FHD


The Lenovo IdeaPad Duet strikes the perfect balance between the tablet portability and the Chromebook utility. 

This economical machine is packed with all those components that most windows and mac machines would generally have. 

This tablet-laptop hybrid comes with a lot in its tiny frame. Ranging everything between functionality, portability, and longevity. 

Starting from the display, it has an amazing (1920*1200) FHD display. The wide 10 inches screen and vibrant color hues make the user experience even greater with this $300 chromebook.

While normal Chromebooks can last around an average of 10HR battery cycle, this beast of a machine is recorded to have given a full day battery cycle. 

It is no less than a surprising factor. Also, this fact makes this machine the best touchscreen Chromebook under $300.

Packed with an amazing touchscreen of 10.1 inches HD display along with being compatible with USI pens, which in fact, opens up a wide range of creative options. 

It is the best chromebook under 300 because it has compatible storage of 128 GBs along with 4 GB of Ram makes sure that the experience of the user is completely lag-free.

  • Lightweight and Portable
  • Extended battery life
  • Huge Library of upgraded software
  • The charger and Headphones share a single port
  • Limited memory and lightweight processors

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4. Acer Chromebook 314 Intel Celeron


It is packed with an amazing full HD 14 inches display along with a resolution of 1366×768. Not just the amazing display but also the specifications, make this machine a lot more user-friendly than most light-weighted machines. 

The roomy size of the screen allows the user to manage multiple background applications as well as carry out multitasking without facing any problems like glitches or crashing applications. 

The end-user would surely love the interface since it allows multitasking on a greater level.

Apart from the immersive display, it has a non-mushy trackpad, which helps maintain smooth switch operations while multitasking. 

Supporting smooth operations, this machine has 4GB of Ram while having 64GB of internal storage, making sure that the performance is as smooth as butter.

Equally, the battery life is a good 12 hours of nonstop backup. Which makes this Chromebook an even greater deal. 

Such a long-lasting battery timeline can enable the user with great portability while using. Considering its history of maintaining high-end, above-average performance machines, Acer provides a lot of value for money in this Chromebook 314, which is without a doubt, the best Chromebook under 300.

  • Simple, clean, and elegant design
  • Excellent battery life
  • Good port selection
  • No touch display
  • Occasional streaming glitches

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5. Lenovo Flex 5 Chromebook 2-in-1


Lenovo is one of the most trusted names, given their top-of-the-line technology and long-lasting laptops. 

But users might be a little confused, given the fact that Chromebooks and laptops are two different ends of the same spectrum.

This low-budget beast, the Chromebook Flex 5, is packed with an amazing 4GB Ram, for a glitch-less performance, along with 64 GB of internal storage. 

This is, to be honest, enough to carry out ordinary tasks like emailing and drafting PowerPoint presentations. 

The full HD display (1920*1080) comes in with 250 Nits of brightness leaving more room for brightness but we also can’t ignore the fact that Chromebooks are used for less technical and complex tasks, for which it works just fine within 300 dollars. 

A few nits of the brightness could have been increased on a lighter note, but the pricing factor plays a part here.

As for the front camera, it uses a 720p sharp webcam, which captures relatively sharp, but slightly dim images with average colors and minimal static, given the noise a normal webcam creates in any other laptop. 

Webcams don’t generally do the ideal work, but 720p of video quality offered under 300 ensures that users do not have to worry about the grainy image anymore.

For me, the keyboard is the most highlighting factor of this machine. The keys of this Chromebook are backlit (which is not a guarantee at this price point), also the factor which makes it the best Chromebook under 300

The touchpad is also an easy click and quite accurate, though it’s on the rough side, texture-wise but being responsive covers all that lags here.

  • Elegant design under 3 pounds of weight
  • Responsive Keyboard
  • Sturdy Hinges
  • Attractive outlook
  • Very Few ports
  • The display could have been brighter and more vibrant
  • Below-average battery life

Editors Choice:

All of the aforementioned options regarding the best Chromebook under 300 are more or less the best viable options considering their specifications and the utilities they offer within that price range.

Almost every brand that we handpicked for the readers to select is one of the most renowned brands that have been existing for more than decades, providing the best quality and most durable laptops within consumer pocket. 

Therefore, there is a very thin chance of skepticism here. All these machines outdo each other by either specification or eventually by the user experience. 

Some might offer a little less than the other but each one of these machines has its very own USP aka unique selling points for a very basic price of either 300 or under.

However, specifically, SAMSUNG Chromebook 3 11.6”, tops the list amongst the rest of them. For more than several reasons. 

Topping the list is the credibility that comes along with the name of the tech giant itself. The pricing counterpart is the most prominent reason. 

Where most modern-day laptops can cost you more than $1000 easily, this machine costs under 200, and for that amount of money, this machine is surely a pack of surprises. 

Error-free and threat-free usage along with the utilities of cloud computing. For not even under 300 but under $200, the user can cherish several up-to-the-mark components which makes it the best Chromebook under 300. 

First and foremost is the brand itself. Samsung has been in the industry for a very long period, almost feels like an eternity. 

The majority of android users have experienced Samsung at some point in their life and it is no surprise that users do prefer the credibility of the brand along with the specifications as well.

Therefore, cut down your efforts of extensive browsing in search for the best Chromebook under 300 and give this article a thorough read.                  

The comparison and selection of the devices are based on their specifications and brand value out of which we have listed down all the viable options that you could get your hands on for under $300.

No wonder, this Chromebook is the deal of the century and has all those options in it. 

In conclusion, Samsung being the topper wins the race for the best Chromebook under 300. So instead of searching for numerous products and spending bucks on laptops you know least about, it’s the time to give this one a try. 

With the countless tech-savvy upgrades this machine comes with, along with the brand consistency and the number of upgraded options it provides, this surely is the best pick amongst all of the aforementioned Chromebooks. Happy shopping! 

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