7 of the Best laptop for Microsoft office to buy in 2022

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Basic criteria to evaluate the best laptop for Microsoft office relies greatly on CPU Performance, Details in graphics capability, processors, size,  drive storage, RAM, and many other things.

Microsoft Office has always been the most popular and used tool we all have come across in our academic and professional uses.  

Also, it’s great for making impactful, meaningful, and virtually creative presentations that would help you in giving life to your ideas. 

With a budget in mind, selecting the best laptop for Microsoft office is one out of a gazillion options is like navigating through a minefield. 

To simplify the process, I broke down these six basic factors to look for when hunting for a laptop, specifically for Microsoft Office.

Factors to consider when buying the best laptop for Microsoft office:


When it comes to machines, size matters. To specify, the size in discussion right now is not related in terms of RAM, ROM, or SSD option. 

It means that generally the starting range for best laptop screens for Microsoft office starts from 11.6 inches and goes all the way up to 17.3 inches. 

Therefore, one should look for screens that are between 12.5 and 13.3 inches in size and should weigh no more than 1Kg to 1.5Kg.


We all know that spreadsheets take an eternity to get completed, therefore long hours of staring right at the screen is a sure thing. 

Anyone would want to make sure that it is as painless as possible to do so. For this, you would need to make sure that the laptop display is best for microsoft office and comfortable to look at and feels natural to use.

Keyboard Quality:

Ideally, you want a keyboard that has the best and most comfortable layout with full-sized keys and some space around the arrow keys for microsoft office. 

Apart from that, the keyboard must be backlit. It is understandable, that at face value, a back-lit might sound a bit lavish, but these keys work their best in a dimly lit environment.


For many desktop/laptop users, Intel Core Processors offer the best performance when it comes to Microsoft office. 

To make sure that your operations keep on performing at a standardized rate, you need to go for machines that surpass the minimum criteria for running Microsoft Office and relevant multimedia tasks.


The most important thing to determine in a laptop for best usage of Microsoft office is whether or not the RAM is single-channel or dual-channel. 

Dual-channel works to the finest of its capacity because it can transfer a relatively greater amount of data than single-channel.


Solid-state drives are all in the limelight these days. Offers a lot more than a hard drive, runs as smooth as butter, and doesn’t acquire much space therefore can be easily fitted into most devices these days.

Make sure that the laptop you are planning to opt for microsoft office should have an SSD in the specifications.

After evaluating the aforementioned criteria, we picked out the following laptops that range from $500 to$700.

Best laptop for Microsoft office
Best laptop for Microsoft office

Top 7 Best Laptops for Microsoft Office:

  2. ASUS VivoBook F510UA 
  3. ASUS VivoBook 15
  4. Acer ASPIRE 5
  5. Acer ASPIRE 1
  6. HP 15-DY1036NR
  7. HP-Pavilion x360



The laptop is best for people with an extravagant amount of Microsoft office work including PowerPoint presentations and multitasking of research and analysis at the same moment.

  • The series of this laptop is ASPIRE and the brand is ACER. This laptop has an amazing widescreen of 15.6 inches along with the Microsoft Windows 10  Operating system. The battery health of the laptop is up to 15 hours a day. 
  • Details for resolutions are, 1920-1080 widescreen LED-lit. It comes with an efficient processor of 3.2 GHz and a RAM of 8GB.
  • Great battery health
  • Budget-friendly model
  • A variety of ports are available
  • Isn’t light in weight.
  • Not recommended for gaming.

2. ASUS VivoBook F510UA: 


Asus has been in town for quite a long time for giving the best features for microsoft office and it is no secret that their laptops have been making headlines for all the right reasons. 

This machine comes in with several options as well. The wide-screen size of 15.6 inches gives an amazing view of the display which would help individuals with their MS Office experience. 

  • Great value for money
  • Attractive 1080p screen
  • Sleek design and light in weight
  • Slow SD reader
  • Poor battery health

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3. ASUS VivoBook 15: 


This laptop is not super-advanced in technical terms but it would work best in terms of running Microsoft office or for professional corporate entanglements. 

This book is packed with 8GB of RAM and a hard disk of 128Gb. Relatively enough to continue adding more tasks to your schedule. 

  • Decent display panel
  • Good performance
  • Easy to carry
  • No backlit keyboard
  • Average audio output

4. Acer ASPIRE 5:


Acer has countless options if you are searching for best laptops for microsoft office but within a budget. This does not at all mean that these standardized rates would not come in with good quality features. 

On the other hand, these machines are relatively handier in terms of portability while also performing smoothly, whether the user is a multi-tasker or not. 

This laptop brings in 15.6 inches of wide LED display, with detailed color outlines. For storage, 256 Gb SSD along with 8GB RAM. 

  • Pros:
  • Portable
  • Comes with a high-quality mic
  • Wide selection of ports
  • Not recommended for high-end games.
  • No backlit keyboard

5. Acer ASPIRE 1:


A relatively light machine in terms of specifications but does more than it is required to. It has 4GB of onboard memory and up to 2.6GHz of the processor. With such a pocket-friendly budget, this machine is not a dent in savings.

Specifically designed for both business and personal uses this laptop is packed with 64Gb of hard disk space along with 14.1 inches of display for a moderate view, comparatively best for multitasking and fulfilling Microsoft Office purposes. 

  • Comes with a dual-core processor
  • Full HD backlit keyboard
  • Good battery health
  • Lack of SSD
  • Low-end GPU

6. HP 15-DY1036NR:


HP is a renowned brand in the world tech market. Known mostly for their notebooks, their sleek design, and efficient performance. 

This laptop has a windows 10 Operating System and as for a display, it has a wide 15.6 multi-colored display, which enhances the user’s experience to a great extent. 

Powered by Intel Turbo-Boost technology while having a processor of 3.6 GHz. As for RAM, it is packed with an 8GB slot and for storage, it has an internal space of 256Gb. For $500, this is a deal for profit. 

Since the specifications are given surpass the requirements for just Microsoft Office. Above all, HP is the name best known to everybody. The trust customers have in the brand is worth every penny.

  • Elegant design
  • Tactile keyboard
  • Great value for money
  • No backlit keyboard
  • Dim display

7. HP-Pavilion x360:


This laptop comes with a display of 14 inches along with the unique experience of rotation. This laptop also comes with amazing back-lit technology, and helpful for people working on microsoft office in the dim environments. 

Fast processor technology of 3.6 GHz allows a user to enhance the operations and keep the operations smooth. Last but not the least, it gives you a battery life of around 9 hours on a complete charge. 

This laptop is a power pack with all the qualities instilled in it, it doesn’t lag, and has the best features for using microsoft office so what are your reasons for not buying this one?

  • Great build quality
  • Solid quad-core performance
  • Solid audio
  • Lacks power delivery
  • Slow SSD


All the laptops mentioned in this article have great quality and come with high performance. Each laptop has a specific quality that suits best to make it best for Microsoft office. 

You don’t have to spend hours and hours to see the specifications, features, and pros of laptops to buy for yourself as we have filtered them for you in this article. 

However, if one of the laptops is to be chosen among all that would surely be Acer ASPIRE 1. There are multiple reasons to accredit this model of laptop to make the best usage of Microsoft office on it.