Best Laptops for College Students under $500 – 2022

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For college students, these are the best laptops that are priced under $500 and serve as one of the most powerful gadgets that tackle various school and college projects. 

The powerful laptop with enough portability and power capacity is a great accessory for doing daily routine college work. 

The laptops are an important part of college students’ education that allows the students to tune their lessons and lectures remotely.

When you are going to purchase a laptop for college, then ensure that it has a long battery life and fast CPU performance. 

Our top college laptop selections are based on various features and the most important feature is that they all fall below $500.

So, without wasting your time, just scroll down and check out the list of laptops we choose for college students. 

Top 6 Best Laptops for College Students under $500:

Best Laptops for College Students under $500
Best Laptops for College Students under $500

1. Lenovo IdeaPad 3 HD Display College Laptop:

  • Product Description:

The Lenovo IdeaPad 3 HD laptop is an ultimate notebook laptop with having thin and light design. It offers enough battery life that lasts for a whole day. 

It gives the best performance for college students and has 256 GB SSD storage under 500. 

The laptop’s keyboard provides a soft feeling to type on while the decent size plastic touchpad gives reasonable performance. 

The narrow bezel on four sides makes the laptop ideal for clean design and a large display for college students. 

It gives a large viewing area and less clutter for under $500. With noise-canceling features, the laptop relieves concerns related to eye distractions and strain for college students. 

The speakers of the laptop never get very loud but offer great performance sound while listening to lectures or videos. 

The laptop is powered by the AMD 5500u processor that gives outclass performance and better clock speed time for students’ college priced under 500. 

With more cores, college students can easily experience responsiveness that can leap into incredible action for content creation, gaming, etc. 

Keep all of your privacy intact with the physical shutter on the webcam for better peace of mind if you need it.

  • Battery lasts an entire college day
  • Keep privacy intact
  • Gives a clear and clean image
  • Well-sized and great design keyboard
  • All-plastic design
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Robust computing performance
  • Sharp edges
  • Priced

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2. ASUS VivoBook 15-best laptop for college students under $500:

  • Product Description: 

Asus is one of the best and most renowned names when comes to premium and best quality laptops. 15.6-inch full HD screen display gives a stunning screen-to-body ratio for college students under $500. 

It is compatible with Google Classroom, Zoom, and other online platforms easily.  The Vivobook features a microSD card reader that gets slow read as well as write speeds with an M501 memory card. 

The laptop features a 10th generation intel i3 core and the best data transferring screen for college students priced under 500. 

The laptop has an ergonomic backlit that features a fingerprint sensor activated with the help of Window Hello.

If the students want to install an app, they can switch out of “S” mode in 3-simple ways. No charge to switch is applied during this situation.

  • Roomy solid-state 128 GB drive
  • Perky Performance
  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Good performance with thermal limitations
  • Runs quietly and cool with daily use
  • Better battery life
  • Not great for gaming

3. ASUS Lightweight FLIP Chromebook Laptop: 

  • Product Description: 

If you want a lightweight design laptop for college students for under $500 then ASUS Chromebook flip lightweight laptop is the best option. 

The charging time of this Chromebook laptop enables college students to stay unplugged for 12 hours. It is a 4-way NANO display featured laptop that has bezels of 5mm thin. 

The HD display under 500 for college students has a durable 360-degree hinge which is used to flip the touchscreen display to tablet, stand, or tent mode. 

This laptop for the students of college features a security chip that protects data passwords. It also has built-in antivirus software that protects laptops from all kinds of malware and viruses. 

The Chrome OS of the laptop can be updated automatically and gives the latest security and features as well. 

The laptop starts up in a few seconds because of the high-quality Core m3 8100Y processor. The high-quality processor is very quick and responsive so it powers the laptop and does everything in a much faster way. 

If you need a quiet and comfortable Chromebook laptop, then it is the best option for college students under $500.

  • Bright and widescreen
  • Durable design
  • Runs on Chrome operating system
  • Easily portable
  • No need of charging again and again
  • Reliable and light
  • Features with excellent speakers
  • Little bit expensive

4. Samsung Chromebook 4+ Chrome OS Laptop priced under $500:

  • Product Description:

If you are in search of a large and immersive display laptop, then a Samsung OS laptop in a compact frame is the best option for college students under $500. 

The compact and durable laptop is designed with a minimum bezel that gives enough room to watch the content on 15.6 inches large HD screen. 

This laptop for the students of college connects with Wifi with the help of ultra-fast connectivity that enables stream and downloading of files and videos instantly for under $500. 

The laptop features a better protection level because of the multiple layers of protection guard that protect the laptop against viruses and malware. 

The automatic updates ensure to offer better security protection for college students valued below $500. It also delivers 10 hours of battery on a single charge. 

You can charge this laptop with the help of a USB-c charger. The outstanding and portable laptop has a battery that can last for more than 10 hours. 

It is very well-made and durable in structure. It features with decent webcam and microphone estimated below 500 that works very well for online classes for college students and video conferences also.

  • Comfortable keyboard
  • The Speaker sound is awesome
  • Small and decent webcam and microphone
  • Portable laptop
  • Bight and comfortable screen
  • Well-built design and durable structure
  • Dull and fuzzy display
  • Features with single USB C and USB A port
  • Poky performance

5. Acer Aspire 5A515 Creator Laptop for college students under $500:

  • Product Description: 

Are you looking for an ultimate performance laptop for college students rated below $500? If yes, then you come to the right place. 

Acer Aspire series introduced one of the best quality creator laptops that features an uncompromised battery life. 

The laptop enables to speed up the tasks for college students with the help of AMD Ryzen 3350-u processor and architecture lower than 500. 

The laptop is powered by the best and award-winning Ampere architecture that supports incredible performance and creativity.

So, college students can easily create your content on a 15.6 inches full HD screen valued at under $500. It can easily operate for college students and the operating system used in this laptop is a window.  

The laptop increases maximum visuals because of the superb HD display and 82.58% screen-to-body aspect ratio. 

It also unleashed creativity within because it is light and thin Swift X houses the best quality processor and graphics under 500 for college students. 

The laptop also features with backlit keyboard and fingerprint reader that helps in signing in and keeping the laptop secure from any unauthorized access. 

There are stereo speakers on the bottom side of the laptop for college students as well as plenty of air intake vents for under $500. 

Acer’s purified voice technology enhances digital signal processing and improves all kinds of background sound.

It also has the best speech accuracy under 500 as well as a far-field pickup for college students. In between the hinges of the lid, there is the presence of an exhaust vent.

  • Compact and light in weight
  • Well-made for college students
  • Snappy with daily use and multitasking
  • Provide precise boost
  • Biometric reader
  • Competent with the demanding loads
  • Good battery life
  • Features with windows operating system
  • NO UK keyboard
  • Fan issue

6. 2020 HP 15.6”  Laptop, AMD Ryzen 6405u Processor:  

  • Product Description: 

If you are searching for a premium feel, and lightweight design laptop, then HP 15.6 inches laptop features 4GB RAM and 128 GB SSD storage is the best option for college students priced below $500. 

The silver-white aluminum chassis and low-profile laptop can easily slip into a backpack or bag. The weight of the laptop is 4.84 pounds with a 15.6-inch screen display. 

It is quite compact in design and structure. The barely visible bezel display will revolutionize the super HD display for the students of college rated below $500.  

The mobile processor offers enough power to accelerate power and efficiency with the help of the AMD Ryzen 6405U processor. 

The processor offers a fast-processing time for completing tasks under $500. It is one of the faster HP models that offer increased storage and bandwidth capacity for college students.  

The HP 12 laptop offers 7 hours and 15 minutes of battery life so, students can make long assignments till late at night. 

With this charging capacity, the college students can work, watch and stay connected for the whole day. It also offers HP 1-year limited hardware warranty under $500. 

  • Feature with light and thin design
  • Improved multi-tasking with better bandwidth
  • Faster file transfer speed
  • Better screen-to-body ratio
  • Go longer and fast
  • Fast memory storage
  • Fast charging performance
  • The casing is not so great


Laptops are relatively uncommon, but the key is how to select one that fits your pattern and requirements, including your price range. 

This is one of the finest lists of best laptops under $500 to purchase, with standard specs plus features tailored specifically for college students. 

If you’re planning for attending college soon, you’ll have to get a laptop that will not only help you succeed socially and academically but also has a price under $500. So, our expert review says that Samsung Chromebook 4 is the best option.

To assist you in limiting your alternatives, you should first evaluate your laptop requirements and then match them to your field of study and budget. 

If you require extra computing power from your residence or hostel or bedroom, you might even build your PC. If you use any of the above laptops in the future, then never forget to share your experience with us. 

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