The Best MacBook pro for video editing in 2023

When it comes to video editing, purchasing an Apple laptop can be expensive, and choosing the best MacBook pro for video editing may require some tough decisions. In the past two years, Apple has revamped its entire laptop lineup, making it a good time to upgrade to an older MacBook. However, selecting the right MacBook for your video editing needs depends on your specific use case, which we will discuss in this guide. The question remains: why is it important to consider the key features of a MacBook pro when performing tasks like video editing?

The answer is that an ideal MacBook pro will help you to make your footage experience and video awesome and memorable. 

All of the below-mentioned MacBook pros can easily run any video editing software, and you will never need any worry about your purchase. 

So, for now, let’s jump into the affordable MacBook pro for video editing.

Best MacBook pro for video editing
Best MacBook pro for video editing

List of Top 5 Best MacBook pro for Video Editing:

  1. Apple MacBook Pro 13.3-inch Retina Laptop Intel Dual-Core
  2. Acer Aspire 5 11th Generation intel Core MacBook Pro
  3. 2017 Apple MacBook Pro 13-inch Intel Core
  4. 2020 Apple MacBook Air Laptop for 4K video
  5. Apple iMac 21.5-inch – best for video editing

1. Apple MacBook Pro 13.3-inch Retina Laptop Intel Dual-Core:


Are you the one looking for the best MacBook for your office or home? If yes, then your wait is now over. We are here to present the affordable Apple MacBook that works best for video editing. 

It is a smaller 13.3-inch screen with a Glossy retina Led display. The MacBook comes with a precise aluminum enclosure that comes in a silver design. 

Apple designed this special type of MacBook that uses the Chrome operating system and Intel Core i5-4430 CPU model. 

The dual-core MacBook features a 128 GB hard disk and 8 GB RAM that provides enough space to store various files and videos. 

The task performed by this pro version works just like a dream so start-up like the best new device and synced with video editing without facing any issues. 

The screen quality of this pro version Macbook is amazing and memorable, which provides enough space for fabulous video editing. 

The enclosure of the pro version MacBook is made from durable aluminum that gives enough protection against scratches. 

The built-in stereo speakers make this apple MacBook one of the best and fastest control devices. 

  • Easy to use
  • Precise unibody aluminum enclosure
  • Integrated audio with superb built-in stereo speakers
  • Built-in Bluetooth
  • Availability of facetime HD camera
  • Provide 9-hours wireless web browsing
  • Portable
  • Not good for gaming

2. Acer Aspire 5 11th Generation intel Core MacBook Pro:


The 11th Generation Intel Core i3-1115G4 MacBook pro CPU provides unrivaled speed as well as intelligence, allowing for exceptionally entertainment experiences for video editing. 

Achieve up to 4.1GHz with Turbo Boost Technology for elevated operations. Sharp details, as well as vibrant colors, can be found on the 15.6″ High-Definition display, which has an 82.58 percent display ratio, a 16:9 aspect ratio, as well as low bezels. 

The intuitively engineered hinge raises the keyboard for more comfy typing, increased cooling, and the best noise experience when used for video editing purposes. 

The MacBook Pro features 4GB DDR4 onboard RAM, and 128GB NVMe SSD to save your information and media Acer’s Purified. 

Whether you’re editing videos, streaming media, or working from home, dual-band Wi-Fi 6 helps you connect to your network and works intelligently in this MacBook pro version.

The ergonomic raised keyboard on this Acer Aspire 5 Macbook makes work more pleasant and is one of the best MacBook pro for video editing.

  • Improved cooling technology
  • Store enough files and media
  • Features with purified voice technology
  • Improved speech accuracy
  • Alexa talking features
  • Upgradeable memory and storage
  • Great battery life
  • Dull display
  • Tiny speaker and low performance
  • Not great for heavy photo editing

3. 2017 Apple MacBook Pro 13-inch Intel Core:


If you are searching for the best and latest Apple MacBook Pro series, the 2017 Apple MacBook 13-inch intel core is a great option for you. 

The pro version MacBook features with latest intel core processor i5, spacious 128 GB SSD memory, and 8 GB RAM for instant processing. 

The product is manufactured by Apple’s 7th generation and is enough to provide professional video editing features. 

Apple always tries to provide better in their pro version in terms of improvement, speed, and reliability. Apple also added a touch-bar to control the best relevant features. 

With superb quality built and top-quality hardware, Apple provides its users with the best quality video editing, sound, and much more. 

Apple MacBook Pro MPXU2 has 3 USB Thunderbolt ports. Thunderbolt ports are up to 40 times faster than standard USB ports; these connectors can not only transport data at an extremely rapid pace but are also used to recharge the laptop.

The unique features offered by the apple MacBook pro are a 2.3 GHz dual-core processor with a 3.6 GHz Turbo boost. Such features further enhance the proficiencies of Mac for editing videos.

  • The sleek and slim exterior style
  • Lightweight and portable design
  • Provide efficient control
  • Provide enough brightness and contrast ratio
  • Backlit keyboard
  • Costly

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4. 2020 Apple MacBook Air Laptop for 4K video:


The MacBook Air Pro is the least strong version available on the market but it stands as one of the most lightweight MacBooks for video production and video editing. 

The pro version is available with an M-1 chip and performs in the fastest means. The MacBook comes up with no fan that enables you to record or edit finest video in the studio in complete silence. 

The MacBook M1 supports a color gamut that is perfect for professional video editors and filmmakers. One drawback of this set is that it is not great for music production. 

So, you may need an external monitor for music production when you are working at home or in a studio. With the help of this pro version, you can easily get 8GB RAM and 2TB internal storage.  

With 8GB of unified memory, your overall structure becomes faster and more responsive which makes it the best MacBook pro for video editing. 

As a result, it can enable memory-intensive multitab browsing and fast and simply opening a large graphic file. 

Images come to life with unprecedented degrees of realism on a 13.3″ Retina display. The text is sharper and much clearer, and the colors are much brighter.

  • Easily portable
  • 18 hours battery life
  • No fans are present
  • Provide silent and effective operation
  • Support P-3 color gamut
  • Perfect for home and studio
  • Easy to use
  • Lack some specifications and power for more professional work
  • Not good for music production

5. Apple iMac 21.5-inch – best for video editing:


Apple upgrades its earlier models on a constant schedule, so the current iMac Pro for video editing is practically faultless, even getting close to what the Pro can achieve. 

The clean screen with excellent color reproduction and a high contrast ratio is quite valuable. This MacBook pro nearly perfectly replicates the DCI-P3 color image used in videos. 

The integrated Retina Display operates at 60 MHz. It is an amazing 4K video editing machine due to its 1K larger size, enabling you to alter frames in full quality without obscuring the buttons. 

Its heart is a cutting-edge 6 Intel Core i5 CPU with Turbo Boost capacity above 4GHz, which can handle almost everything quickly. 

Any video editing task will be handled easily by a specialized AMD Radeon Pro graphics chip with 4-8 GB of Vram. 

The 8GB of RAM, as well as the huge 1TB SSD Hybrid drive, are also noteworthy characteristics. The memory may be expanded as well. 

Given Apple’s brand manufacturing, upgraded fillings, and price-quality ratio, I believe this is the best MacBook pro for video editing. 

  • Powerful six-core i5 processor
  • Clear 5K retina screen display
  • Two thunderbolt high-speed ports
  • Included mouse and keyboard
  • Enough memory for recording
  • Produce P-3 color space
  • Ideal for 4K video editing
  • Keyboard and mouse are noisy
  • Small visual screen

Buying Guide: Best MacBook Pro for editing 4K Video

To get the best MacBook Pro for video editing, you will need to consider some of the factors. We will discuss these factors in detail below: 

  1. Graphics:

The key to a fast MacBook is to have a high-quality and dedicated graphics card. The dedicated graphics allow your device to utilize enough random-access memory needed for good-quality visuals. 

Graphics allow you to get good experience in casual home videos as well as in Youtube vlogs. 

  1. Processor: 

As the CPU will be processing every element of your video as you construct it, you should opt for the most recent models of the MacBook pro like Apple M1 chip & Intel Core i7 processor. 

Because video software may use numerous threads, this will help you while constructing your project.

  1. Memory:

RAM is the final component that will greatly affect your MacBook’s efficiency when working on video editing. 

It’s used for every part of your computer’s execution process, and you’ll need at least 8GB for enthusiast work, with a maximum of 16GB if you’re producing 14K video professionally.

  1. Display: 

Those who deal with video consider excellent color rendition to be of the greatest priority, and Apple Retina screens have earned the finest rating in this regard. 

It’s available on the iMac and MacBook Pro, and it’s a significant improvement. This type of display is distinguished by its sharp resolution, natural colors, and broad viewing cones. 

These characteristics aid in displaying footage clearly and accurately, with no aberrations, leading to higher video editing quality. 


Video editing is an excellent representation of a technological task that consumes a lot of RAM and CPU resources. 

Fortunately, a MacBook Pro was originally designed to withstand these conditions and will undoubtedly operate if you choose for yourself the best MacBook pro for video editing.

How do you now edit videos? Please let us know the specifications you believe are most crucial for effective work.

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