The Best tablet for reading pdfs in 2023

In today’s age, there is a widespread desire for obtaining the best tablet for reading PDFs and other files. These tablets are recognized for their smooth, sleek, and slim design, as well as their extensive battery life that surpasses the typical requirements of most individuals.

A PDF file is a type of document that includes publications such as images, photos, and text. It is a commonly utilized document format that serves both personal and professional purposes.

Tablets have a diverse range of applications, with the most prevalent use being for reading books in PDF format.

A tablet with the Windows operating system is more compatible with additional software, which is mentioned in the instructions. The reader wants to annotate the PDF document.

The tablets with stylus connectivity are becoming popular for reading and writing purposes. You can get your required reading material in different formats. 

So, why you should buy a best quality tablet for reading rather than a laptop, and why annotating tablets are more profound than the simple reading format? 

You will get these answers in this article and stay tuned to get a detailed review of the best tablets for reading pdf.

Best tablet for reading pdfs
Best tablet for reading pdfs

Buyer’s guide for choosing the best tablet for reading pdfs:

Choosing the best tablet for reading and writing requires a tablet that supports stylus input, has a long battery life, charges quickly, and has an operating system that matches your needs for additional software and applications.

A bright, crisp display is great for viewing and editing PDF files, and the flexibility to adjust brightness will help for long hours editing or annotating a PDF file on your tablet.

Now, you must be thinking about what is annotate tablet. Well, you can easily draw a layer of letters, shapes, or scribbles over an already formatted/created PDF file when you annotate it. These are usually extra items or lines that are added to a document or pdf file.

Moreover, you should consider many other factors when buying the tablet for reading. 

Let’s explore some of them. 

  1. Graphics and speed:

The tablet’s resolution is an important feature when buying one. Because you will be spending a lot of time in front of the computer reading PDF files and books. 

You don’t want to be reading on a bright, flashing screen that irritates your eyes. Tablets with the largest screens are best for reading, but this is not always the case. 

You can sit for hours without straining your eyes or hands when the pixels are visible and the glare is reduced.

The appropriate combination of screen resolution and screen size is important here. A 10-inch tablet with light adjustment options, as previously stated, is highly recommended for reading.

  1. Battery life:

Because we are talking about the best tablet for reading PDFs, battery life is an obvious consideration. 

It won’t help you until the battery can run for 4-6 hours on a single charge, and It takes hours to read massive PDF documents all at once. 

It hurts your reading if you keep charging your device all the time. A tablet with an 8-hour battery life should be sufficient for your needs.

Lowering the screen brightness, on the other hand, can help you save energy.

  1. Durability and memory:

Tablets can be used for more than just reading; they can also be used to store files and essential papers. 

As a result, you will buy one if the storage is adequate. The default storage space on most new tablets is 32 GB. 

It should be sufficient and suit your storage needs. However, if you want to save a lot of music, video, and PDF files, you need more capacity. 

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Top 8 Best tablets for reading pdfs:


This Samsung gadget will not let you down. It has a metallic finish and an attractive design that gives it a premium impression. 

The dual speakers are sufficient to provide you with an audible sound. It is great for travel and portable due to its medium 8-inch size. We discovered that the graphics and text were quite apparent.

You will also appreciate the minimal bezel feature, which allows you to read on the entire screen area. 

Aside from that, it has a standard storage capacity of 32 GB for PDF documents, audio, and video files. 

The battery life is 12 hours, which is perfect. We were blown away by how quickly the device charged and how light it was. 

If the storage space is insufficient for your needs, a micro-SD card can be used to expand it to 512 GB.

  • Main features: 
  1. Has minimum bezel and maximum view 
  2. Comprehensive display and dual-speaker 
  3. Battery can last for 13-hours 
  4. 32 GB built-in memory 
  5. Display size is 8 inches 
  • Pros: 
  1. Optimal screen size 
  2. You can read your favorite books 
  3. Elegant design and durable 
  4. Lightweight and portable 
  • Cons: 
  1. Screen size is small as compared to the other devices of the same sort. 

Samsung Galaxy Tab Active PRO Review:

Samsung Galaxy Pro comes with the latest functions. The biggest concern with touchscreen devices is that they are easily destroyed. 

It can withstand anything, including harsh weather conditions and unusual circumstances. That’s true. If you frequently travel into the woods, you are familiar with your reading device companion. 

This device has an IP68 rating. The battery is long-lasting and easy to replace. It lasts 11 hours and just takes 2 hours to recharge. Another feature we enjoyed was the tablet’s configurable settings.

However, you can change it to suit what you want to read, hear, or watch. You can add books to the device by using the Knox Configure app. 

Reading books on the Samsung Galaxy Tab Active PRO takes on a whole new meaning. The tablet is jam-packed with features that ensure a stellar performance. 

Don’t forget to bring your new partner the next time you go on an outdoor adventure.

  • Main features: 
  1. Rugged design and 10.1 inches display 
  2. Certified and tested for drops, shocks, vibration, rain, dirt, mud, and sand
  3. Battery can last for 15-hours 
  4. Water-resistant touch screen 
  5. Quickly charges via built-in pogo pin 
  6. Has a biometric security system 
  • Pros: 
  1. Storage space is 64GB 
  2. Display is bigger and compatible with harsh conditions 
  3. Resolution is also excellent at 1920×1200 pixels
  4. Camera result is amazing at 13.0 MP
  5. Samsung S pin allows you to write on a tablet 
  • Cons: 
  1. A bit heavy because of the durable frame 

Kobo Clara HD | eReader Review:

The Kobo Clara HD is the best tablet for reading. Although the name Kobo Clara HD is not well-known, we found this tablet to be rather impressive. 

This is one of the most affordable options on our list, at just under $120. This tablet has everything you are looking for in a nice, dependable, and affordable tablet. 

Remember that it is both financially and practically light on your wallet.

It just weighs 180 grams and has a pleasant light that allows you to read for long periods without straining your eyes. 

The touchscreen has Carta E ink, which means it’s easy on the eyes. The storage space is a respectable 8 GB, and the screen is a 6-inch display.

  • Main features: 
  1. Comes with comfort light pro feature 
  2. Automatically adjust brightness 
  3. Has 8GB storage 
  4. Comprehensive battery life 
  5. There is a built-in dictionary 
  6. You can customize your preferences 
  • Pros:
  1. Inexpensive tablet with the latest features 
  2. Carta E ink screen that is mild on your eyes.
  3. Weighs only 180 grams
  4. Suitable for storing a wide range of PDF files
  5. There is no access to other devices 
  • Cons: 
  1. Comes with a persistent glare when reading outdoors

2020 Lenovo Yoga C740 Review:

Lenovo’s Yoga tablet is much more than just a PDF and e-book reader. Lenovo has really created one of our most popular 2-in-1 tablets. 

The Yoga C740 is a new model that is totally flexible, powerful, and affordable. Because it works well with a Lenovo active stylus pen and is relatively portable, it is best for reading pdfs on a tablet.

Lenovo has added a 10th generation i5 CPU and 8GB of RAM for performance. The Yoga can handle intensive multitasking and most creative apps thanks to the combination of powerful hardware and a 256 GB SSD. 

In light of its specifications, the tablet offers a long battery life (13 hours). Overall, the Yoga C740 is the best tablet for anyone who needs high performance as well as a wide display for reading PDFs.

  • Main features:
  1. Comprehensive size with 14 inches FHD
  2. Touch screen and premium 2-in-1 laptop 
  3. 10th Gen Intel Quad Core i5-10210U
  4. Backlit keyboard and fingerprint reader 
  5. Dolby Vision, Intel UHD Graphics
  • Pros: 
  1. You will love its anti-glare display 
  2. You can talk to your friends and family 
  3. Has stereo speaker and biometric security system 
  4. Flexible backlit keyboard 
  5. Its operating system is windows 10
  • Cons: 
  1. There is no optical drive 

2020 Apple iPad Air Review:

The iPad Air requires no introduction as one of the most powerful and popular tablets on the market. 

When it comes to combining outstanding design with top-notch performance and reliability, Apple is just incomparable. 

When it comes to performance, the iPad Air is more than capable of opening any type of PDF file. It’s also capable of multitasking, running creative tools like Photoshop, and much more.

There’s nothing like reading an eBook on a Retina display to get you in the mood. We had an incredible reading experience when we tried the Air for this article. 

The tablet features a 10.9-inch True Tone display with P3 broad color. 

The iPad Air’s battery lasts up to 10 hours, unlike Kindle devices. If you merely need a good battery and to read pdfs, it is the best tablet. 

The iPad Air, on the other hand, is a powerful tablet that is a fantastic choice for reading PDF files.

  • Main features:
  1. Stunning 10.9-inch Liquid Retina display
  2. True Tone and P3 wide color
  3. Comes with touch screen system 
  4. Its back camera is 12MP and the front one is 7MP 
  5. Has built-in wifi 
  6. Available in various colors 
  • Pros: 
  1. It can support magic keyboards 
  2. Excellent resolution and speed 
  3. 10-hours of battery life 
  4. C connector for charging 
  5. Has HD camera
  • Cons: 

1.  Might be expensive for some users 

Microsoft Surface Pro 7 Review:

If you like the advanced features of the iPad Air but prefer Windows devices, the Surface Pro 7 is the ideal option for you. 

The Pro 7 delivers an excellent experience to its users as a well-known Microsoft flagship. The Surface Pro 7 is the best tablet that can be used for reading PDF files, drawing, or browsing the web.

The i5 processor is supported by 8GB of RAM and a 256GB SSD. When it comes to tablets, this is one of the most powerful hardware packages. 

The Microsoft Surface Pro 7 is the best tablet for professionals and creative people seeking a device capable of handling a wide range of tasks, including reading and annotating PDFs.

  • Main features:
  1. 12.3” display is simply stunning and crystal clear
  2. Screen resolution is 2736 x 1824
  3. Great choice for reading e-books or PDF documents
  4. Battery can last for 10.5 hours 
  5. Versatile with stereo and tablet features 
  • Pros: 
  1. You can connect with both USB c and USB a ports
  2. Ultra slim and light surface pro 7 
  3. Battery is available for several hours
  4. Can upgrade free 
  5. The best tablet for reading PDFs 
  • Cons: 
  1. Can overheat with excessive usage 


Buying the best tablet for reading PDFs is not a challenge anymore, because we have listed some appropriate options for you. 

You will find various categories of tablets comprising of the operating system, annotating feature, brightness, graphics, and last but not least size of the tablet. Thus, you can observe the products and buy one with favorable conditions. 

Our expert opinion goes with Kobo Clara HD because we found it as the best tablet in terms of price and features.

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