can I close my laptop while updating

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One of the issues that have always intrigued me is that; can I close my laptop while updating. However, searching this on my Google engines, I ended up getting answers like ‘no you can’t close the laptop while updating’. 

Thorough research was conducted by my professionals and we found that running your system and updating your system are two different things and for this, it’s better to keep your laptop on the safe side. 

Can I close laptop while updating it on windows 10 or 11?

Nobody likes the notification of updates that most laptops show on and off. It’s mainly because it’s a time taking process and most people are unaware of the fact that if they can close their laptops while the update is going on or not. 

If you are not sure about what will happen if you shut down your laptop while it’s on the update mode, or it gets offline, you most probably will end up losing data. 

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So most of the questions related to can I close laptop while updating end up answering that your laptop is always seeking new updates and it’s always available to download the new software for you whenever there are any new updates. 

Can I close my laptop while updating
Can I close my laptop while updating

Can I close my laptop while updating mac?

When the MacBook was launched, most people used to ask the same question whether they can shut down their MacBook while it was on the update or not. 

So, for the MacBook, the case is different when it comes to logging it off when it is on an update.

The Mac operating system has a Unix operating system which means that there are no chances for you to shut down the MacBook until an update is completed. 

If the update is related to something that is time taking, it has to be completed before you plan to shut down your MacBook otherwise, the update will not be completed. 

MacBook and its updates:

There are certain scenarios that you might come across while updating a MacBook as in, you have almost completed an update till 85% and somehow the laptop got shut down, the update will remain there till 85% and it won’t proceed further. You have to start it all over again to download it. 

Another scenario can be, that you ended up losing all your unsaved work because you just got to install an update but your MacBook was in sleep mode and it hasn’t shut down. 

Or you may face an issue like you just have finished an update from installing and you are about to shut down the mac but the update seems to be finished. 

However, it’s safe to leave your laptop running. You may also wonder that; can I close laptop while updating overnight so yes it’s safe to leave your laptop running overnight. 

It is because when the laptop is on the update, it slows down a lot of things and it takes time to process things. 

Even if you leave your mac running overnight so that when you wake up in the morning, you find that the update is complete. 

Installation of windows 10 and 11 , a software or application solely depends on the speed of the internet. 

Some applications get downloaded in seconds whereas some of them take longer to download any application or software. 

Perhaps you’re figuring out that under what circumstances; can I close laptop while updating.

Whatever the scenario is, it can be harmful to your laptop either Mac or any other laptop, to close while it’s getting updated. 

You never know what reason comes out of you doing such an act and it becomes a reason for any malfunction or you end up losing data.

One of the biggest reasons to avoid closing your laptop while it’s updating Windows 10 is that it can end up corrupting your windows, slowing down your pc and you may lose your important data. 

Shutting down laptops while they are on the update is a no-good act. This leads to critical errors and you will end up spending huge bucks just because of this small act of negligence. 

However, in case of any emergency where you are supposed to shut down the laptop lid while there is an update going on, you should follow the basic rules mentioned below: 

Is there anything I can do to prevent my closed laptop from ruining when its on an update?

You should avoid errors that come while you close your laptop during any update is by managing certain energy settings in your laptops, because this also involves changing the programmed action of what happens when you close the lid. 

You might have always been curious about; can I close laptop while updating. Most of the time when you shut down your laptop while updating windows 10 or 11, a few things may happen.

The problems include updating without any issues (rarely), the display will get turned off and updates will continue without any hurdle.

It may not cause any certain problems but it might help in suspending the windows update process and lastly, might interrupt the windows update process so it is recommended not to close the lid while there is an update going on. 

So the only exception of shutting off your laptop’s lid is when your laptop is set to do nothing like there isn’t any update going on, so it’s totally fine if you shut down the lid of your laptop. 

In other cases, you should avoid shutting off your laptop’s lid while there is any update going on, be it any software update or any application getting downloaded. 

Summing Up:

Several answers to the question ‘can I close my laptop while updating‘ is provided in this article.

Closing down your laptop while there’s any update going on can be harmful to your laptop’s windows, be it windows 10 or 11. 

It can badly affect the efficiency of your laptop, it can affect your PC’s performance, it can corrupt your windows, you can end up losing your important data and the series goes on. 

Therefore, it’s really important to complete the update or any other task that is currently going on. Once windows or applications are updated, you can close the lid of your laptop easily. 

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