Can I make calls from my MacBook in 2023

Are you tired of juggling between your phone and laptop during important work hours? Do you wish to simplify your communication process and have everything in one place? If so, you might be wondering whether you can make calls from your MacBook.

While laptops are primarily designed for work purposes, many users now look for a comprehensive solution that can cater to their communication needs as well. In this article, we will explore whether it is possible to make calls from your MacBook and provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to do so.

can I make calls from my macbook
can I make calls from my MacBook

How can you make calls from MacBook?

MacBook has given its users this feature enabled in it that they can make calls via MacBook without using their iPhones or iPads. So what exactly would one have to do to make calls on it?

The first thing you should be checking on your MacBook is whether the option of “calls on other devices” is enabled. Once you get done checking this option, it’s time to check the settings of your iPhone. For this, go to your iPhone’s settings, click on phone and there you will see an option of “calls on other devices” along with the option of Mac is coming, don’t forget to toggle on the option of Mac. To make phone calls through Mac, you are supposed to use the same iCloud account on your phone and your MacBook. 

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The two basic options to choose to make calls from MacBook includes:

  • Via Siri
  • Manually with the FaceTime

Can I make calls from my MacBook Via Siri:

To make calls on your MacBook via Siri, you simply have to open up your mic. Tell Siri who you would like to call loud and clear. For example say, ‘Siri call Laura’ and all the contacts on your phone list naming Laura would appear on the screen and you can choose to call. You’ll see the call window popping up in the top right corner. You can also click on the dialer icon so that you can work through automated systems. 

Can I make calls from my MacBook Manually with the FaceTime:

However, if you choose to make a call on your MacBook via FaceTime, you can simply open the FaceTime app on your MacBook. There you can type in the contact name, email, or phone number and then click on the option of audio call and there you go! 

These are some of the ways with which you can place calls through your MacBook easily. However, there are some requirements for both the iPhone and the MacBook. These are:

  • Your iPhone must be updated and running on iOS 8.1 or above whereas your MacBook should be on OS X Yosemite or later. 
  • If you use a Mac mini or Mac Pro, in both conditions you would be needing an external microphone or headset so that you can make use of this feature. 
  • Every device both the phone and the MacBook should be signed in with the same iCloud id along with the FaceTime using the same Apple ID. 
  • Both of the devices are supposed to be connected to the same Wi-Fi or Ethernet. 
  • To pick up the call on your MacBook, a small notification would pop up giving you an alert of an incoming call. You can simply click on the accept button to pick up the call on your MacBook. 
  • To place a Wi-Fi call from your MacBook, first, check out if Wi-Fi calling is enabled in your iPhone and also check if mac is added to the list of supported devices. Go to settings, click on phone, now click on the option of ‘add Wi-Fi calling for other devices’ and follow the instructions ahead. 
  • To place a call you can simply open up safari and double-click any of the phone numbers you wish to call. However, to receive a call, you can simply see a notification and click on the option of accept in order to take that call. 

How to deselect this option?

To make calls from your MacBook, you can see all the above requirements and work accordingly. However, if you wish to stop your MacBook from getting calls on it and that the calls stay only on your phone, you need to check these settings, on your MacBook, go to the Apple menu, click on system preferences, go to general, select or deselect the option of “allow handoff between this mac and your iCloud devices”. Similarly, on your iPhone, check on these settings as in, go to general, click on airplay and handoff, turn on or off as per your requirement. This is how you can either enable this option of making calls from your MacBook or deselect this option so that you don’t get these calls on your MacBook but only on your phone. 


Enabling the option of calls on your MacBook can make your life much easier as most of the time we don’t have our phones with us or we either deal with low to no battery issues. 

Getting calls on your MacBook or you making calls through it is an easy-to-go process. Just follow the instructions by hitting the settings button on both your phone and MacBook and there you go! Happy calling! 

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