Can I play 4k video on my laptop – 2022

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I’ve often been asked by colleagues, Can I play 4k video on my laptop?

It doesn’t matter if you are a professional video editor working on ultra-high 4K videos or you are a newbie, there are certain steps and conditions that you have to follow. 

Also, if you are one of those finding the best laptop in 2022, specifically designed to cater to 4k video editing, here is the article. 

Give it a read as we have invested countless hours and efforts to bring out a list of the top laptops most suitable for 4k video editing and get to know how to play 4k video on a laptop as well. 

How to play 4k video on a laptop?

In order to play 4k video on your laptop, it’s necessary to know your limitations. There are a few laptops that have this built in screen to support 4k resolution. 

One other factor to consider is if your laptop is of high power or not. Such laptops should have a large processor, a lot of RAM, and a modern video card for playing 4k videos. 

You might have an HDMI cable in your home, and it’s true that all HDMI cables support 4k videos. Try to get HDMI cable 2.0 or high speed HDMI that supports upto 60 frames per second.

Also, you can connect one end of the HDMI cable into the back of your computer’s tower, or you can connect the other end into one of your monitor’s HDMI ports. 

If you wish to play your 4k video on your laptop, you can open up the video in the video player that supports 4k. 

If you want to watch 4k video at 60 frames per second, you have to make sure that you have an HDMI 2.0 or display port 1.4 cables. It’s also better to connect your computer to your router. 

What is the best laptop for 4k video editing?

You need a high price laptop either way. However, some laptops are specifically designed for video editing, and that too is less expensive. 

Laptops that are designed to cater to 4k video editing don’t mean that they are on the expensive side. They are sold in affordable ranges too. 

There are several factors that should definitely be considered before you jump into the buying process. 

What makes a good laptop for 4k video editing?

You can only make a good buying decision if you know the specifications and features that are to be looked at, before buying best 4k video editing laptops.

You should check out these features to make it a steal deal.

  1. SSD:

An SSD device in a video editing laptop specifically for 4k videos is the cherry on the top. The best part of having an SSD in laptops is that the user can easily carry the laptop anywhere without carrying an external HDD. 

This has to be a feature one should check out. However, laptops having SSD in them have comparatively higher prices than the ones having HDD.

  1. Storage:

It is that one feature you need in abundance because of the usage. One of the most important features to look for in 4k video editing laptops is their storage capacity. 

4K videos are different from the normal videos and that’s probably because of their high resolution and so they occupy more space than usual. 

So if the laptop has less space, the hard drive will quickly get filled. Huge storage means, the editing of 4k videos will no longer be a hassle and file transferring also gets easy. 

  1. GPU:

GPU is those features, one has to check even if it’s a normal laptop other than the one for editing 4k videos. 

GPU plays an essential role as it shares some of the burdens of CPU by taking the responsibility of handling graphic processing tasks. 

Those 4k video editing laptops that have this feature accelerates the performance of the laptop and can cater to up to thousands of threads. 

What else would one look for! The GPU determines the graphical illustration of everything on the laptop hence, this should never be ignored. 

  1. CPU:

The central processing unit of any device is supposed to be the most critical part of it. Since 4k videos occupy a lot of space in the laptops, they may slow down the overall performance of the laptop so if the laptop that you are planning to buy comes with a quad-core processor, you are good to go for such video editing tasks every day. 

  1. Display

To witness the content for editing in the most optimal format, what you need is a 4k display. Laptops have all the features but if the display isn’t appealing, those laptops can never be your go-to choice for 4k video editing. 

Laptops that are bought for editing 4k videos are specifically designed keeping in mind their supreme display that lets the user witness the crisp, bright, and HD images on it. 

There are also a few tips to play 4k videos on your laptop and these include: traditional 4k TVs have pixel dimensions of 3840×2160, whereas the 4k cinema screens use 4096×2160 dimensions. 

Hence, the latter is referred to as ‘cinema’ 4k. You can enjoy 4k videos on VLC media player to play 4k video on both windows and Mac computers. 

YouTube and Vimeo are considered as reliable options for streaming free 4k videos on internet. 

It’s time for you to invest in the best video editing laptop that has all of those features mentioned above. However, the list of the top 5 4k video editing laptops is as under: 

List of the best 5 laptops most suitable for 4k video editing:

Can I play 4k video on my laptop
Can I play 4k video on my laptop

1. Alienware M15:

  • Specifications:

The series of this laptop is AWm15-7418WHT-PUS and the brand is Alienware. The ultimate usage of this laptop is for video editing, gaming, and multimedia. 

The screen size of the laptop is 15.6” whereas the operating system is Windows 10 home. The hard disk size of the laptop is up to 1 TB. 

The battery life is commendable, the screen quality is also great. The laptop has 16 GB of RAM, the dimensions are 14.19×10.9×0.7” and the weight of the laptop is around 2.5 kg. 

It comes with an RGB backlit keyboard along with a 1280×720 resolution webcam. The connectivity options are via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. 

Can I play 4k video on my Alienware M15 laptop?

Well, with this model, you can play and enjoy the best editing of your 4k videos. 

The laptop has a 10th-generation Intel core processor which speeds up its performance. It’s light in weight and can be carried easily. 

There are some laptops that get heated after a certain passage of time. This laptop has a cooling system installed in it such that it automatically cools down after certain usage. 

It’s that one feature that helps the processor by keeping it cool and doesn’t bring any effect on its health and serves as one of the best 4k video editing laptops.

  • A comfortable keyboard that allows a sound typing experience. 
  • Sleek design and light in weight. 
  • Affordable. 
  • There is no option of upgrading RAM. 
  • It has a small trackpad. 

2. Apple MacBook Pro:

  • Specifications:

The model name of this laptop is MacBook Pro and the brand is Apple. The specific uses of this laptop are for gaming, video editing, and business. 

The screen size of this laptop is 16.2”, Liquid Retina XDR display and the operating system is Mac OS. The connectivity options are via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. 

The hard disk is 512 GB. The product dimensions are 9.77”x14”x0.66”. The weight of the laptop is 4.6 LB. 

It has up to 10 core CPUs that accelerate the laptop performance and makes it one of the best and ideal options for 4k video editing. 

For graphic intensive apps and games, it increases the performance as it has up to 32-core GPU. The resolution of the face camera is 1080p. 

This 4k laptop also comes with a six-speaker sound system with force-canceling woofers. 

Can I play 4k video on my MacBook Pro laptop?

Well, concludingly, this laptop has everything in it for editing your 4k videos.

The best features and specifications make it a user’s premium choice among all 4k video editing laptops. The laptop has amazing battery health and display. It comes with multiple ports for editing your 4k videos. 

It has up to 5x faster machine learning. This 4k video editing laptop has an additional feature of a studio-quality mic array which gives an outstanding sound recording. 

  • Excellent battery health.
  • Thunderbolt 3 ports.
  • Excellent Graphics and Liquid Retina XDR display.
  • On the expensive side.

3. Razer Blade 15:

  • Specifications:

The series of this laptop is blade 15 and the brand is razer. It’s most specifically used for editing 4k videos. It has a screen size of 15.6” and the operating system is windows 10. 

The connectivity options are intel wireless, Bluetooth, and Ethernet. The maximum resolution of this laptop is 1920×1080 pixels. The processor is a 5 GHz core i7. 

It has a RAM of 16 GB and a memory speed of 2933 MHz. The hard drive is 512 GB, the graphics card ram size is 6 GB.  The dimensions of the laptop are 13.98×0.78×9.25” and the weight of the laptop is 8.76 LB. 

Can I play 4k video on my Razer Blade 15 laptop?

It’s quite easy to carry and the best thing of all is that the price of this laptop is quite reasonable for 4k video editing. 

Make your 4k video editing experience worth it with the razor blade 15 models. The razer blade 15 is an ultra-compact laptop that has a high GPU, CPU, and ultra-high display. 

This 4k video editing laptop has a rigid and sturdy frame with a sleek design that makes it beautiful. The color is electrochemically bonded to give it that shine and is the best laptop for 4k video editing. 

  • Well calibrated display.
  • High performance.
  • Beautiful design and body.
  • It has average battery life.

 4. Acer Predator Helios 300:

  • Specifications:

The series of this laptop is PH315-53-72XD and the brand is Acer. The size of the screen is 15.6” and the operating system is windows 10 home. 

It is the best laptop for 4k video editing.It has a special feature in it called multi-touch feature which is an amazing addition to this device. 

The maximum screen resolution is 1920×1080 pixels along with a high-speed processor of 5 GHz core i7. The RAM of the device is 16 GB and the memory speed is 2933 MHz. 

The average battery life of this laptop is 6 hours. The dimensions of this model are 14.31×10.04×0.9” and the item weight is 5.07 LB. 

Can I play 4k video on my Helios 300 laptop?

It is battery-powered. All of these incredible features make this laptop unique and the best-selling 4k video editing laptop in the market. 

This 4k video editing laptop has some of the best features and comes with built-in stereo speakers and a microphone. The laptop comes with a backlit RGB keyboard.

With its ultimately high-speed GPU, you would say goodbye to blurry and non-smooth gameplay. You can get all the best features at the most affordable rates on the market for editing your 4k videos.

  • The laptop comes with a room for three storage devices.
  • Super smooth and crisp visuals.
  • Affordable.
  • Bad cooling system.

5. Acer Swift 3 Thin & Light Laptop:

  • Specifications:

The series of this laptop is SF314-43-R2YY and the brand name is Acer. The laptop is best for multimedia, gaming, 4k video editing, and business. 

The size of the screen is 14” with a special feature in it that is called multi-touch gesture. The maximum resolution of the screen is 1920×1080 pixels. 

With a fast processor of 4.3 GHz, the laptop has a RAM of 8 GB. The memory speed is 1.8 GHz and the hard drive is 64 GB. 

The average battery life is 4 hours. The operating system of this laptop is Windows 10 home. The weight of the laptop is 2.62 LB and the dimensions are 12.71×8.35×0.63”. 

It is powered through a battery. The prices are quite reasonable in the market for this model. This 4k video editing laptop comes with convenient connectivity options such as full-function USB Type C and dual-band Wi-Fi 6. 

The laptop comes with a nonglare display with 300 nit brightness which gives you best crisp, bright, and colorful images anywhere for editing your 4k videos. 

Can I play 4k video on my Acer Swift 3 laptop?

This model is specifically designed to cater to all your needs regarding 4k video editing with its ultra-high screen resolution and widescreen. 

The fast processor helps you expedite the performance of the laptop. 

  • Extremely light in weight and easy to carry.
  • Comes with a backlit keyboard.
  • Ice lake CPUs.
  • Fast performance.
  • Average battery life.
  • No availability of SD cards.

Do you need a 4k laptop to edit a 4k video? 

That’s not true! You can use a normal laptop that has the best configuration, has a fast processor, huge storage, and ultra-high resolution. This is enough for you to edit your 4k videos on the laptop.

Also, laptops having good battery life is a plus because it usually happens that most laptops’ average battery life is too less that it gets impossible to work with them especially if one has plans to do edits of 4k videos and recordings. 

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Why can’t I play 4k video on my laptop?

There are certain reasons due to which you find it difficult to play 4k videos on your laptop. Some of it might include a weak internet connection, or maybe your laptop or computer doesn’t support 4k or doesn’t display 4k videos. 

Well, these are the primary reasons why you can’t run 4k video on your laptop. Also, it depends on the video as well. You cannot play any 4k video that is damaged or corrupted.

Editors Choice:

Laptops that are specifically designed for 4k video editing must have a fast processor, huge storage, and ultra-high screen resolution. 

However, there are still a lot of key points one should look into, before making any decisions to buy one for yourself. 

There are a lot of models available in the market but can you play 4k video on your laptop? That’s where you would have to come across all the configurations and features of your laptop. 

All the steps mentioned in this post determine how you can easily play 4k videos on your laptops with no hurdles. 

Laptops aren’t sold at cheaper prices and if you have made a good decision, you are good to go for 5-10 years of usage with it. 

But if the decision isn’t wise, you might have to spend extra money to cater to the needs and requirements you were looking for in it. 

All the laptops mentioned in this post are a good value for money, have more or less all these essentials in them, and most importantly have crisp and bright visuals. 

However, if I have to choose one laptop specifically for 4k video editing, that would be none other than Apple MacBook Pro. 

After all, who isn’t a fan of Apple products? Well, everyone! It is mainly because the company has never compromised on its quality production. So, what is the best laptop for 4k video editing? 

All votes for Apple MacBook Pro. Happy editing!