Dell or hp laptop which is better: [Explained 2023]

Choosing the perfect laptop can be a daunting task, especially when you’re stuck between two of the biggest laptop brands in the market: Dell and HP. With both brands being well-known for their durability, performance, and overall quality, it can be difficult to decide which one is the best for you. In this article, we will take a closer look at Dell and HP laptops and help you determine which brand suits your needs.

Dell or hp laptop which is better
Dell or hp laptop which is better

Dell or hp laptop which is better?

Dell vs hp laptops:

The best Dell model for the majority of people is going to come from their XPS range – we’re treating Alienware as a completely separate company, even though they are owned by Dell. 

Dell laptops are available in a variety of different models vs hp laptops– you can purchase it in the standard model, but it’s also available as a convertible 2-in-1 laptop too. 

The XPS isn’t new to the market by any means – it’s been improved and tweaked over the last few decades. 

In terms of design, it’s hard to find a Dell laptop vs hp laptop that can beat its lightweight and sleek look and the cost that comes with it. 

For those looking for a Windows laptop for general use, then you’re going to find it pretty hard to beat the new XPS 13. 

It has pretty much everything that most people need in Dell laptops, and it’s undeniably one of the top models vs hp laptops in terms of design and appearance.


If you have been using Dell for a few years now, you’d know Dell doesn’t apply much emphasis on design. 

Not saying the Dell laptops look bad than hp laptops or are not worthy to carry but are relatively heavy, therefore they can do with an upgrade to keep up with the competition. 

Yet, when it comes to power and speed Dell is right up there ensuring smooth gameplay or photo edits each time vs the hp laptops. 

Dell has introduced sleek design concepts into their latest laptops. For example, Dell’s XPS 13 is popular when it comes to design. 

Dell has a slim profile and white-gold chassis that has an aesthetic appeal vs the hp laptops. 

For gamers, Dell’s Alienware series is among the top choices in the market today for gaming laptops. 

The Dell laptops come with backlit keyboards, powerful specs, and high refresh rates vs hp laptops.

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Parts and Components: 

Components are an area that is Dell’s forte. Dell fits not only high-quality but powerful components inside its laptops. 

Dell manufactures laptops with different processors, graphics cards, RAM, and so on vs hp laptops. This ensures there’s something for every budget and need. 

For business use, an 9th Gen, i5 laptop with an integrated graphics card is ideal. But if you need something powerful and faster than hp laptops, there are dell laptops with 9th Gen and 10th Gen i7 and i9 processors. 

Furthermore, you have dedicated GPUs such as the NVIDIA GTX 1080 for a performance boost.  With Dell’s Inspiron and Alienware series, users get high-quality laptops vs hp laptops.


Innovation is one of the significant factors for Dell in the Dell vs HP debate. They continue to develop different technologies and design concepts for their laptops. 

Dell laptops have bulky form factors, equipped with average dual-core processors. This makes the dell laptops more suitable for general business purposes like emailing and proposal drafting vs hp laptops. 

Constant upgrades in the innovation can be seen in multiple generations like XPS and Dell Precision Series. 

Dell has powerful and fast laptops, ideal for graphic-intensive tasks like video editing than hp laptops. 

Dell has also come up with a control center for its Alienware laptops. This allows gaming-addict users to change settings as per each game.. 

Customer Support: 

Like any other multi-billion dollar company, Dell has been stuck in sorting the problems of its more than a million users across the planet vs the hp laptops. 

Their customer support has room for improvement and there are no second thoughts about that. As for calling and other features, customers have reported that it takes an eternity for them to either pick or connect the right person to solve the problem. 

HP (Hewlett-Packard):

HP vs Dell laptops:

A direct competitor of Dell. Most people would agree that one of the better HP series to be released is the Specter series compared to Dell. 

It’s very similar to the Envy series, however, generally, the size of its trackpad is larger than usual and has slightly larger capabilities than the Envy equivalent. 

The Specter is more for professional use, whereas the Envy is a better choice for the gaming community. However, they certainly offer several appealing models, and the big shape of their trackpad makes it comfortable to operate. 

The HP laptops usually have a plain black or Chrome style. Although they are simple, HP vs Dell laptops are highly effective if you look for budget laptops for professional use. 

So, whether you want a 2-in-1 or a regular laptop, HP has a selection of designs to select from. 


Over the years, HP has had a better design of their laptops compared to Dell. There are newer laptops and models like the specterx360 that come in with the built-in aluminum chassis. 

Backing it are the solid hinges that allow the laptop computer to transform into a tablet as needed.

In the HP vs Dell debate, the race for the most eye-catching design concepts is tight between the two brands. 

Both have raised their standards when it comes to design innovation. Yet, HP has the upper hand in this area with the release of their newest products. 


When it comes to CPU, RAM, and video cards, Dell has the upper hand than HP laptops. Though HP laptops match laptops that match Dell laptops, HP is not as good as Dell when it comes to quality.

Dell’s processors are faster and more reliable compared to HP laptops. On the plus side, HP still makes robust laptops with longer battery life. 

The consumer eventually has to compromise on a few corners. For instance, the trackpads in HP are far better than those in Dell.  


As mentioned earlier, HP has also raised its game when it comes to innovation. Their latest range of laptops has plenty of new features that users are loving.

But, Dell has innovated more than HP because they continue to target their laptops at a user experience level. 

A significant part of HP’s focus is on other products like printers and scanners. HP has not directed its innovative efforts toward the development of laptops.

Customer support:

Like Dell, HP also has a detailed community page where moderators and other official representatives answer questions related to various issues every day. 

So skip the hassle of long conversations and waiting times. Yes, because with HP, you will be waiting even more. Consider it a drawback or whatever you wish, but what’s more annoying is the dependency of HP on Virtual-Assistants. 

Editors Choice: 

Both Dell and HP have their unique selling points and there is no arguing over that. But each of the aforementioned brands is specified to a certain set of consumers.  

Each laptop has a specific quality that surpasses the criteria of being more than an average machine. Just like any other debate, these pointers might vary from individual to individual but are accepted by the most. 

For instance, HP has devoted most of its R&D towards the exoskeleton of the product vs Dell laptops. 

Meanwhile, Dell has been more specific towards uplifting the performance of the machine, partially because the international gaming community is more of a Dell fan than HP.

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