How do police track stolen laptops [Answerd 2023]

The prevalence of technology has made it easier to locate lost or stolen devices. But how do police track stolen laptops?

Despite the challenge of finding a stolen laptop, law enforcement officials have developed various techniques and strategies to make the process easier.

Laptops are equipped with software that can assist police in tracking them down once they have been reported stolen.

Hence, don’t neglect or ignore downloading such software, it can be a great help in times of uncertainty. 

However, before diving into the techniques with which police track stolen laptops, let’s first discover what should be done if a person loses his laptop:

  1. The foremost important step should be to involve local law enforcement to sort out the matter. 
  1. One should not delay changing passwords of all the accounts including Gmail, social sites, iCloud, and bank accounts, and make the news viral among the people so in case anybody who has seen or knew about it, might be of any help. 

Now let’s move forward and get to know all those successful strategies that police apply to find out a stolen laptop:

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How do police track stolen laptops
How do police track stolen laptops

How do police find stolen laptop:

Some certain software and strategies are a great help in this regard. These strategies and software include anti-theft software and LoJack software. 

Anti-theft software:

This software assists in driving a location from an IP address. However, some software includes GPS and Wi-Fi tracking as it helps record the physical address and the IP address simultaneously. 

LoJack Software:

This software has been a great source in recovering stolen laptops. It tracks all the relevant information about the stolen laptop to the police and helps them find it.  

It helps connect the whole system that is needed for registration, along with saving the serial number of the laptop as well. 

Tracing through IP address:

The IP address has been a great help for the police in finding a stolen laptop. The IP address with software like Advatrack, absolute, and Adonia helps in finding out where the stolen laptop is located. 

Hence, a laptop owner needs to keep on updating and downloading such software. This way, when a laptop gets stolen and the thief opens it, this software help police in tracking where they are. This helps the police in many ways. 

These were some of the software and strategies that have been a great help for the police to find stolen laptops in the said time. 

However, a stolen laptop can be traced by using a serial number as well. All you have to do is to keep the track serial number on all of the devices, specifically on the laptop. 

Such devices send the serial number to the provider’s network daily. This way, it becomes easier for the provider to recognize the serial number. 

Additional methods that are used by the police to track a stolen laptop:

No doubt all the strategies and software that are mentioned above have always been a great help for the police to find out information about stolen laptops. 

Without them, it must have been a tough or impossible job for the police to track a stolen or lost laptop. 

However, there are still some other techniques that are used by the police and agencies and are found to be helpful in tracking the stolen laptop. These are;

Use of Gmail IP and Dropbox sync | how do police track stolen laptops:

Through IP, it makes the case quite easier as it’s a unique character that can easily be tracked from anywhere. 

Most people are unaware of the fact that IP addresses can easily be tracked via Gmail and Dropbox. 

If you go and check out the settings, you would be able to see that the most recent login can be seen and through its IP, it can be traced. 

Once the thief opens up the laptop and gets it connected to the internet, the Dropbox will automatically get synced resulting in refreshing all the recent emails which result in updating the current location of the laptop as well. 

Hence, Gmail can be a great help as the thief will update the information and this way it gets easier for the police to trace the location. 


This is another software that has great properties. The purpose of this software is to track three devices while providing for its device security and data protection. 

This software also comes with a free plan so that the laptops can easily be traced by the police. 

Hidden App:

This helps friends, family, colleagues, and businessmen to keep all of their gadgets safe and secure through this app. 

This app helps the police in tracking all these laptops along with their data even if they are stolen or lost. 

Tracking methods of the absolute system: How do police find stolen laptops?

Three different ways are used in tracing a stolen laptop by the whole absolute system. These are:

  • You can get all the information traced via the absolute system. It will help you track a phone number if the stolen laptop is attached to the old-fashioned modem. 
  • In case the stolen laptop is attached to any broadband connection, it will get connected to the internet service provider. 
  • The last strategy is kept secret and is still not being told by the absolute team. 


It’s no less than a nightmare for someone whose laptop is stolen as it holds all of the credentials, passwords, important data, and files that no one would want to lose willingly. 

Thanks to this era of technology and of course the help of the police have made this devastating moment no more devastating. 

Through such commendable software and strategies, it has now become easy for the police to trace a lost or stolen laptop in less time. 

All such methods are relevant and have the authenticity to be used by the police to trace any stolen or lost laptop. I hope you’ve got the answer to the question: How do police track stolen laptops?

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