How to factory reset Dell laptop windows 10 [Guide 2023] 

If you are a Dell laptop user and facing performance issues, resetting your laptop to its factory settings might help. In this article, we will discuss how to factory reset Dell laptop Windows 10, and provide you with the best methods to do so.

Dell is a trusted brand known for manufacturing quality products, and resetting your laptop to its factory settings can help to fix any software-related issues you may be experiencing. By resetting your Dell laptop, you can wipe out all the data on your laptop and restore it to its original state.

There are various ways to reset a Dell laptop, and we will cover all of them in detail to help you choose the one that works best for you. Whether you want to use the built-in reset feature in Windows 10 or create a recovery USB drive, we’ve got you covered.

The first method of how-to factory reset Dell laptop windows 10:

  • The first step that you should be taking is to backup all of your important data and files on your hard drive in your Google account in order to reset windows 10 on Dell. 
  • The next step would be to press start, type the control panel, and search for recovery. There you have to select recovery and open system restore and then click on next. 
  • Now choose the restore point linked to the application, driver, and update. Now select next and then finish resetting windows 10 on your Dell laptop. 

The second method to factory reset Dell laptop windows 10 from startup:

  • There is another process that you can follow along with Windows 10. These are some basics to be followed while carrying out the process of resetting a Dell laptop windows 10. 
  • This includes clicking on the start button and typing reset, you can now choose the option of resetting this pc. 
  • After this, you can select the option of getting started. Also, make sure to choose the option of keeping my files if you don’t want to miss important files and data. 
  • Keep following the instructions that are coming on your screen. These are some of the basic steps to follow the process while resetting Dell windows 10.
How to factory reset Dell laptop windows 10 
How to factory reset Dell laptop windows 10 

Resetting Dell laptop windows 10:

Above was explained how you can simply factory reset your laptop following some of the basic steps. 

There are different ways with which you can factory reset your Dell laptop with Windows 10. Follow these key points and know how you can easily factory reset:

  • One thing you have to make sure of before getting started with factory resetting your Dell laptop windows 10 is that your laptop is charged. Now you have to hold the power button and the shift key simultaneously. 
  • Once you see on your screen that your laptop restarts, click on the option of troubleshooting and then select the option to reset this pc. 
  • You have the option to save files and important data that you don’t want to lose so you can save it on your hard drive.
  • Since it’s really important to back up your files and data, you press start, click on the control panel, and from there click on system and maintenance. 
  • Select backup and restore center. Also, don’t forget to choose the location where you are planning to save all your data. 
  • It is suggested to remove all the nonessential peripherals like scanner, printer, modem, or network. 
  • To restore to factory settings, firstly turn on the laptop, press the F8 key from the keyboard, and you would see that when the laptop gets started until the advanced boot options menu appears. 
  • Now press the down arrow and select repair your computer. Options would appear in front of your screen like specifying your language settings, there you can log in as a user who has administrative credentials and then press ok. 
  • Now you have to click on the dell factory image restore and then click Next. You would be seeing the option of yes, press it. 
  • Now reformat your hard drive and restore the system’s software to factory’s condition. Now click next. Lastly, click Finish to restart the computer just when you see the restore operation has ended. 

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How to factory reset Dell laptop from BIOS: 

  • For factory resetting with Windows 10, firstly go through all the necessary steps like saving your important data and files so that you don’t lose them in the process. 
  • Now begin the process by clicking start, Select Reset this PC. Now go to advanced startup, and select the option of troubleshooting. 
  • Now press factory image restore. Just go along with the instructions coming on your screen so that you can complete the process of resetting your laptop with windows 10. 
  • Also, if your laptop or PC doesn’t have windows 10, you can install it, and then with the help of it, you can ease up the process of factory resetting your Dell laptop. 
  • Later after the installation of windows, you can click on the option of a fresh start and for that can go to settings, press update and security, now select recovery page. 
  • Now you have to click on the link text. You can learn how to start fresh with newly installed windows. 
  • One thing that you should keep in mind’s to check thoroughly if you have enough space in your laptop/PC or not. 
  • If there isn’t enough space in your laptop, you might not be able to factory reset the laptop. The first thing you would be doing is to free the space. 
  • An estimated amount of storage is at least 8 GB in your laptop, to begin with, the process. One thing that can be helpful for you in this process is to use a USB flash drive, or a blank DVD so that you can have an option of data backup with you. 
  • If you find difficulty booting from a boot disc, you can use a BIOS password. For that, you can insert the bootable installation media and then go to your BIOS password and make changes like firstly disabling secure boot. 
  • Then you have to enable legacy boot. After this, enable CSM if it’s available. The next step would be to enable USB boot if there are any requirements. 
  • Now you can move the device with the bootable disc to the top of the boot order. Save the bios password changes and then you can reboot the system but it should boot from the installation media


Factory resetting your laptop with Windows 10 was never a big task or something that you can’t do alone without the help of any technician or professional. 

It just requires some of the basic steps and the process has some of the requirements that you have to fulfill before you begin with the process. 

Following all the instructions that are mentioned above, there wouldn’t be any problem in factory resetting your Dell laptop with windows 10 at home.