How to install more RAM on your laptop – 2022

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Considering a new laptop, the amount of RAM might seem enough but you might need more of it after a certain passage of time, so how to install more RAM on your laptop?

We all know what role RAM (Random Access Memory) plays in our laptops/computers and how badly we all need it every time. There are several reasons why one needs to install more RAM on his laptop. 

Some of it includes the up-gradation of frequent OS updates and sometimes it’s the software. The slow laptop can be made fast by installing more RAM to it. Who doesn’t need a fast laptop? Well, everyone! 

Upgradation of RAM isn’t a big task or something that can’t be done without any expert’s help. It’s an economical method and you can do it at home as well. 

Steps on how to install more RAM on your laptop:

You have to follow these basic steps to install and upgrade your RAM on your laptop. 

The foremost important step to plan on upgrading your laptop’s RAM is to check if it supports additional RAM or not. You can run software such as a crucial system scanner or CPU-Z on your system. 

These two are the softwares that are for free and with the help of these softwares, you can get to know how much RAM is used, how much is left and all the information regarding your existing RAM on the laptop. 

In case of using a crucial system scanner, you can run it and click on the scan button. It takes a few minutes to know how much RAM your laptop has at the moment. 

This software shares accurate information regarding the RAM available and its storage. However, you can also check the laptop’s user manual for accurate information. 

It can be a complex task to install and upgrade RAM on computers/laptops if the RAM is built-in or if it’s non-removable. In this case, you may take assistance from the brand’s service center. 

The latest laptops support RAM of 16 GB, however, if the usage of your laptop is for gaming or 4k video editing, you may need to install 32 GB of RAM on your laptop. 

Follow the steps mentioned below and install your laptops RAM in the most hassle-free way:

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How to install more RAM on your laptop
How to install more RAM on your laptop

How to install more RAM on your laptop by opening up the laptop back panel:

  • Before opening up the back panel of your laptop, it is important to turn off your laptop and remove its battery. Now take a compatible screwdriver with which you can easily unscrew the back. 
  • Most of the laptops operate at 19-20 volts. There are fewer chances that you might get electrocuted but there are small parts of the laptop that might get damaged so deal carefully.  
  • To avoid any electrostatic charges from your body, ground yourself by touching any other metal object. Once the back of the laptop is opened, make sure you locate the RAM module. 
  • This method differs from laptop to laptop for the installation of RAM. There are other models of laptops with non-removal batteries, that’s ok if you don’t remove the battery in such cases. 
  • However, there are some laptop models whose backs can easily be taken out without any hustle. Such laptops allow you to swap and add more RAM without removing the whole panel. 
  • This trick works best in models that have their back panels to be removed to install new RAM on your laptop. 

How to install more RAM on your laptop by adding new RAM:

Some of the laptops that are currently being sold in the market come with a separate slot for adding a new or extra RAM in them. 

However, if your laptop comes with no new space for additional RAM, you can simply take out the previous one and get it replaced with a more powerful RAM. 

An example can be considered if you have a laptop having a RAM of 8 GB, you simply have to replace it and add a new one with higher capacity. 

  • To remove the previous RAM, what you have to do is to press the clips and hold the RAM, gently remove the RAM outside and make sure not to touch the metal conductors. 
  • To install new RAM, align it with the new RAM module properly near its slot. Now press the RAM at an angle of 45 degrees till you hear a clicking sound. 
  • Now push the RAM in the downwards position till it gets locked within the clips. Once you see that the RAM is in its position, put back the rear panel and the battery of the laptop. 
  • When you turn on your laptop, it must be showing the newly installed RAM on your laptop.    
  • It is important to know what category of the module you need (DDR2, DDR3, or DDR4) before you plan to buy new RAM for your laptop. 
  • If the model of your laptop is old, it may have DDR2 so you can buy DDR2 RAM for your laptop this time. 
  • You can also visit the website of your laptop brand to see which category of  RAM your machine has. 
  • Once you open up the laptop after installing the new RAM, you can click on the start button and from there you can click on the system. 
  • This will be telling you the amount of RAM you currently have in your laptop. You can also verify the amount of RAM you installed on your laptop and the current RAM you see. 

Will installing more RAM make your laptop faster?

There is no doubt in the fact that an increased amount of RAM can speed up the performance of your laptop. You may be able to witness no freezes or laptop getting hanged while using it. 

RAM plays a vital role as the laptop is specifically used for gaming, business, 4k video editing, or personal usage. 

Fast performance is everyone’s demand. Hence, this statement is true that more RAM or installation of the RAM on your laptop or PC might help it work faster and better than before. 

Once you plan to change the RAM of your laptop at home, it is recommended to leave the new RAM packed before it enters your laptop. 

It is because there are greater chances it might get damaged due to static charges or get the dust out of anywhere. 

You can check the following important points before you get started after installing the new RAM to your laptop:

  • You can check if the battery of your laptop is properly locked. Restore the previous RAM and check if the laptop is working or not.
  • If it’s not, there are chances you might have done something wrong or unplugged any cable during installation. 
  • Be very particular about which category of RAM you are using. Not every module of RAM works best for all laptops. Check this factor beforehand. 
  • Was it your system that just notified you that you are out of RAM at this moment? If yes then don’t panic. It is because several things consume a lot of rams so don’t get surprised. 

Summing Up:

RAM has been an essential component of the laptop and specifically if the laptop is for gaming or video editing, it requires more RAM installation to function better and faster. 

The whole process is defined and there is nothing hard in upgrading and installing RAM on your laptop as you can do it yourself too, just follow the guidelines and you are good to go! 

Now you’ll be able to install more ram on your laptop!

Have a great day!