How to open a 7z file on mac [Guide 2023]

Are you having trouble opening a 7z file on your Mac? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. In this article, we’ll explain how to open a 7z file on Mac using various software options available on your computer. Whether you prefer free downloads or paid software, we’ve got options for you. We’ll walk you through step-by-step instructions on how to use each program to extract the contents of your 7z file. By the end of this article, you’ll have a better understanding of how to open a 7z file on Mac and the different tools at your disposal to do so.

What are 7z files?

So, what’s the big deal about 7z files? They’re all around us these days. 

But do you know what they are and how to unzip 7z files on mac? If you don’t know what this popular file type is, here’s a breakdown.

A 7z file is an archive or compressed folder containing one or more other files inside it. It uses the LZMA compression algorithm and has a .7z extension. 

This article will teach you how to open 7z files on mac. 7Z compression has been around since 1998, when PKZip was first released.

7-zip compression is one of the most popular ways to reduce file sizes. 7z files will always remain smaller than their original size, even after extensive modification with additional data or excessive removal/copying processes applied on top for any given operation within an application program interface (API).

Downloading a powerful tool like 7 Zip can be difficult if one does not know where their download goes from there but don’t let that discourage you because I found my answer in just two clicks away on iTunes Store under “Apps.”

The 7z file format is old but still relevant. It’s the perfect way to compress large files without losing too much of their data or quality! 

The Compression Algorithm can reduce high-definition video into something that will fit your device easier than before. You never have more storage space limitations again with this type of archive*. 

how to open a 7z file on mac
how to open a 7z file on mac

how to open 7z files on mac through Keka and The Unarchiver?

Keka and The Unarchiver are two great alternatives for extracting files out of one on both Windows and Linux. PeaZip supports the 7Z format, too! 

For macOS, Commander One is another option you can try if p7zip isn’t working well enough or your extraction needs an update that doesn’t require modification time-wise as newer compression algorithms do.

Peazip gives command-line access to the 7z file with its feature set aligned towards those looking to use it from within terminal console environments rather than relying solely on GUI frontends such as Frappes Office uses nowadays.

Sometimes, even after you’ve installed a file extractor program like 7-Zip on your computer to open .7z archives – which are typically used for Linux operating systems but can be opened in Windows as well if the person who created them knows what they’re doing – just double-clicking won’t work. 

To get around this problem easily and quickly, instead of wasting time trying out different programs, you only find yourself frustrated because their solutions don’t quite do exactly what was expected without any guidance or instruction about how best to handle whatever issue may have caused these complications in the first place! 

Here’s one way workaround surefire guaranteed not to create another headache: right-click!

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how to open a 7z file on Mac through The Unarchiver?

First, you have to follow these steps for your Mac to open and decompress .7z files:

The first step on how to unzip 7z files on a mac is downloading an app. 

Then it’s also free, so you can get it from within iTunes or using one more slot if there are no problems with installing extra software onto yours too. 

After that process has been successfully done, all Unarchiver association lists should be filled out properly according to who installed what program, which will associate themselves specifically towards 7-Zip apps too because without them being associated, anything would just show up as “Other.”

How to proceed next? What other steps will you follow on how to open 7z files on mac?

  1. When you associate Unarchiver with the .7z file extension, double-click any archived files on your Mac. 

This will also open and uncompress them for easy access – just like other archive formats! 

If needed, you can drag 7zs over into their utility so that decompression may complete before opening or interacting with extract contents.

Might want to try adding some tags next time around, though, since this was originally posted without any mention at all about what kind of data is inside those fancy ZIP packages 😉

  1. The UnArchiver has been installed and then associated with the .7z 7-zip files. What’s next? how to unzip 7z files on mac? 

Now, you can open a single file in seconds without any hassle! 

To do this, all you need is double click on their desired archive or drag it out of MAC OS onto The UnArchiver utility app, which will decompress when opened next time too – automatically exiting afterward like before if needed again through the same location where the original extractions occurred originally at (usually). 

Just select what type(s) of compression formats are wanted within the settings menu; via clicking the “Open” button beside that particular selection/selection box.

Unarchiver .7z file on Mac:

The 7z file is a strong compression format that can take time to extract, but it won’t expand into something larger than its original size. The reason for this? 

Well – archives are strongly compressed! 

So, if your data hasn’t been uncompressed yet and you try opening the archive with ADB (Android’s built-in tool), then be patient because things may happen quicker than expected while decompressing all those files inside one big package, which has already had some degree of reorganization during the encryption process from how they were stored on disk before being packed up together by an application/software packages namesake “7 Zip”.

how to open a 7z file on mac through The Unarchiver? 

The Unarchiver is a great solution for opening any type of archive on your Mac. It can open 7z, zip, sit, tgz, Tar, GZ, RAR, Bzip, HDX and more! 

This program doesn’t come from anywhere other than the actual developer who made it free with its flexibility to let you extract anything that might be in there without hassle or cost. 

If this sounds good, consider adding The Unarchiver into all your software toolkit arsenal today so tomorrow won’t go wasted when faced with new challenges.

The Unarchiver has been able to support opening and decompressing archives on Mac systems since about 1980 when they were first developed. 

With High Sierra, this will continue with all system software releases in use today – including Sierra or El Capitan if you’re lucky enough for it!

Filled up with excitement yet? how to unzip 7z files on mac? 

I’m sure by now most people know how important Zip files are these days: their size can vary depending upon what’s inside but at any rate. 

We’ve got your back here at The UnArchiver HQ because our app supports just about every type out there save one; unfortunately, 7z isn’t among them though who knows, maybe down the line, somebody finds a way around that problem too.

how to unzip 7z files on mac through The Unarchiver Online?

In case you prefer an online tool to open your 7z files. Then there are some great options out on the market:

  • An Archive Extractor,
  • The ezyZip, and finally 
  • Unzip-online

So, these tools have been made easy for anyone who wants a quick and simple way of opening up those pesky zip archives that seem so daunting at first glance! 

You just need to take into account how each different program works before deciding what will suit best your needs as far as extraction goes from time constraints because they’re all pretty similar in terms of steps needed when dealing directly by themself but may vary depending upon other factors such as input media type or even operating system used.

Extracting files from archives can be a tedious process. 

So, how to open a 7z file on mac? First, visit and select “Archive Extractor” to start your extraction experience! 

Choose which 7z format you want on the next screen–they’re all compatible with each other, so don’t stress if one doesn’t work right away (we’ll teach you how to fix that later). 

Once that’s done, waiting for compression should only take about 10 minutes but make sure there are no errors during this time because they could cause problems down the line when trying to extract or decompress them again- trust me, I know what I’m talking about!. 

After completion, an easy way would simply be to download everything back onto my computer. I hope this will help and lead you to answer how to open a 7z file on mac.

how to unzip 7z files on Mac through Keka?

It’s no secret that file compression is something most of us have done. 

Whether it be to save disk space or email faster, there is an abundance of tools available on Windows platforms but not so much for Macs which makes this significantly harder if you’re running one type over another.

If you want to save your important files without compromising their security, then use password-protected zip archives. 

The default Mac archiving utility takes care of most compression formats, but Unarchiver is not always an option because it does not work with these types of file containers. 

The output should maintain engagement while still being informative. It also includes all relevant information about how different programs handle certain situations. 

How will Keka help you? how to unzip 7z files on mac? Keka is the perfect solution for anyone who needs to generate passwords, extract files or compress/decompress data on their Mac.

Keka lets you manage all your compression tasks in one place with easy access from any device without missing out on important information due to it being cloud-based so, no more juggling between different programs just because there’s something that requires quick attention when needed most.

This app is a powerful tool that supports 7Z, ZIP, and TAR formats. 

It lets you password protect your files as well as split large ones into smaller pieces for burning onto CDs or DVDs with ease! Keka is a great app for anyone who wants to create and download content on their Mac. How will you reach Keka and open 7z files on mac? 

You can simply visit the developer’s website, where they offer free downloads without any strings attached other than those of your imagination! 

But don’t stop there–if you enjoy using this product as much as we do here at TechCopper Pipes Agency LLC., please consider investing in its continued development by donating money or time through one of several donation options available online today; after all, good things come from support like these so let’s give back.

6. What are the advantages and disadvantages of Keka?

a) Advantages of Keka:

  • The best way to protect your important files is by compressing them with Keka
    (how to open 7z files on mac). 

This program supports many different formats, making it easy for you to use any compression type that meets the demands of whatever may need protecting – be it business-critical information or personal photos! 

  • You can also add passwords if needed, so only those who know their password will get access when opening up these compressed archives – even on portable drives like thumb drives, which are otherwise vulnerable targets partly because they’re easily lost once taken out of storage cases etcetera.
  • Keka supports a wide range of file formats for both compression and extraction. 

Extraction is its specialty, but Keka also offers support for many different kinds of files through the years, such as 7Z, ZIP, ZIPX, RAR, TAR, GZIP, BZIP2, XZ, LZIP, DMG, ISO, BROTLI, ZSTD, LRZIP, LZMA, EXE, CAB, WIM, MSI, PAX, JAR, WAR, IPA, XIP, APK, APPX, XPI, CPGZ, CPIO.

  • Keka also supports 7Z, ZIP, TAR, GZIP, BZIP2, XZ, LZIP, DMG, ISO, BROTLI, ZSTD, LRZIP, WIM compressed archives.
  • So you’ve got a bunch of files and folders in your Dock, or onscreen? No problem! 

Just drag them over to the Keka app window for compressing. Trust me when I say that this will save space without sacrificing any quality – it’s like magic!!

Is Keka worth it? Will it help you how to open 7z  files mac? 

The Keka app is something cool! It’s super easy to use; all you have to do is double-click the compressed file. From there, an options menu will appear with various services or even just “Keka.”

b) Disadvantages of Keka:

To extract a compressed file, you need Keka. 

It doesn’t let users view the insides before decompression, and it’s not possible for one person alone (or even multiple) members of your team)to do any kind of editing on archives without opening them in-house software like Reflection X Pro, which also lets its user edit inside files directly from an archive with just enough room left over at either end. 

In this way, everything fits properly when uncompressed again afterward – but I guess that would be too much bother if all these people are running around trying their best, saving time everywhere they can find some!

Keka is not designed for single file extraction and cannot add files to a ZIP archive.

How to install Keka?

For those of you who are in urge to find how to unzip 7z files on mac and eager to get started with Keka but don’t know how to do it. 

I’ve got the instructions right here. 

First off, go ahead and download it from Next, open up your browser on either PC/Mac using Apple’s App Store so that we can find our downloaded file (it should already exist). 

After installation finishes, follow these steps to reach a point where you finally understand how to open 7z files on mac- accept “downloaded from the internet” by clicking Open if prompted; squeeze option settings as needed before launching the app for the first time! It’s important to give the Keka app all of its permissions. You can do this by accessing the File Access tab and Finder Extension tab for your device to run smoothly with no issues or bugs!

Make sure you keep your app icon in the dock. 

This is a great way for users to quickly see what they’re using and where their last session was from, which can help them get back into things more easily! 

It is important to set the Keka app as your default uncompressed. 

Either from within General or by the Get Info window, click on Set Default and select it from there!


Mac users have a few options when it comes to opening 7z files, but not all methods work for every type of file. 

The 7z file is a popular type of archive that many decompression tools can open. However, the resulting files will often grow in size if you don’t close them out quickly enough–and your phone might not have space for all its expansion! 

For this reason alone, it’s important to know how to open 7z files on Mac with ease using one tool or another.

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