How to unlock touchpad on Lenovo laptop [Updated 2023]

Are you having trouble with your Lenovo laptop touchpad? Don’t worry! In this guide, we’ll show you how to unlock the touchpad with just a few simple steps. Whether you prefer using your fingers or an external pointing device, we’ve got you covered.

Why is my Lenovo laptop touchpad not working?

If you notice that your laptop’s touchpad is not working properly, there could be a few reasons. Mischief might have disabled the screen or caused some other form of access denial to prevent accidental inputs while trying out new tricks on their own accord.

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If drivers are outdated and missing from device manager, they will not function as expected, which leads us back into faulty hardware (or shortage thereof).

How to unlock touchpad on Lenovo laptop?

First, you need to reinstall the driver pack for your touchpad. Luckily this is easy because it’s already included with most operating systems so just follow these steps:

How to unlock touchpad on Lenovo laptop window by reinstalling the driver pack:

  1. Paste the following URL into your browser to access driver downloads for many different devices. It’s important that you paste this correctly, as any errors will cause problems with installation.
  1. After clicking “Download,” you will get a message asking if it is alright to proceed with the installation. 
  2. Clicking “I agree” starts driver installation where upon completion, double-clicking on any open location in which your EXE file resides should reveal all pertinent information about how best utilize this new hardware.
  3. The driver for your touchpad has been reinstalled and if it was previously unlocked due to corruption, now you can use the hardware without issue.

You should follow these steps to reinstall the driver. It will be easier for you and there is no hassle of unlocking your touchpad.

How to fix touchpad on Lenovo laptop by Windows settings:

  1. Once you have selected the windows logo key (right side) and pressed R, a command box will open (windows logo+ R key).
  2. You should click the control mouse and press enter. The Mouse Control Panel will open up automatically.
  3. Click the “Device Setting” tab in this step. After that, click on your Lenovo’s touchpad and select Enable to be activated.
  4. You have successfully unlocked and activated your Lenovo laptop’s touchpad. Now, you can use it without any bothers.
  1. How to unlock touchpad on Lenovo laptop window through keyboard?

The Windows key + I brings up settings that can be used to modify your input device. In this case, we will use it for accessing the Touchpad option in order turn on or off what is currently activated with our keyboard’s shortcuts 

Press enter when done editing and enjoy feeling more comfortable while using a laptop.

How to unlock touchpad on Lenovo laptop Windows 10:

If your Lenovo laptop touchpad is not working on Windows 10, the process to enable touchpad is very simple. 

In order for this guide work properly it’s important that your device has been updated recently so please check if software update hasn’t already installed latest version of operating system before continuing onto next step.

  1. If you want to use the touchpad on your computer, open up “Touchpad” in settings.
  2. The second step is to open the touchpad option you will get on the right side.
  3. The third step is to make sure the touchpad on your computer’s laptop or desktop device. If it isn’t turned off, then you can disable this feature.
  4. You can enable or active the touchpad by turning it on.
  5. On your computer screen, click the above URL to download latest drivers.
  6. Scroll down until locate ‘ Additional Setting Options’ at bottom of page.
  7. You will now be able to use your touchpad with all the other options that you set before. To do this, scroll down and select ” enable,” then click okay on changes so they can take place.

Learn the alternative way to use your Lenovo laptop’s touchpad with these simple steps. 

  1. First, hold down the Windows logo key and press “Logo Key + 1.”
  2. You need to scroll down and find “Touchpad.”
  3. Using the arrow keys, you can move through this list of suggested searches. 

How to unlock touchpad on Lenovo laptop G50:

Unlocking the laptop’s touchpad is easy with Lenovo, and we’ll show you how. You can find out on your own if this works for G50 models by following these steps: 

Reinstall drivers first of all; after installing them restart computer so that new hardware will be recognized properly next time around (this might take some patience); then activate without problems.


The instructions in this article will help you unlock and enable your Lenovo laptop’s touchpad, regardless of whether it is not working properly or experiencing other issues.

I hope these simple steps allow for a better user experience with Windows 10, 8.1 & 7 finger scrolling down the screen without any trouble.

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