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My laptop charger broke how can I charge it [Answered 2023] - Laptopica.com

My laptop charger broke how can I charge it [Answered 2023]

If you’re a frequent laptop user, you know the panic that sets in when your charger suddenly stops working. You might be left wondering, “My laptop charger broke, how can I charge it?” Don’t worry, there are options to get your laptop charged up and running again.

Laptops have revolutionized the way we work and stay connected, especially when we are on the go. Whether you are embarking on an adventure or just need some time alone, having a laptop with you can keep you productive and entertained. However, what if you forget to bring your laptop charger or it gets broken? It can be frustrating to deal with a weak battery or not being able to access your work-related material when you need it the most.

But don’t worry, you don’t have to be helpless in such situations. There are several ways to charge your laptop without a standard charger. Although it may seem daunting at first, with some simple techniques and tricks, you can get your laptop up and running in no time. Imagine the relief of being able to work on your project or reply to important emails despite the charger mishap.

So, instead of feeling stressed and helpless, be proactive and try out our guide on how to charge your laptop without a charger. You might even impress yourself with your resourcefulness!

My laptop charger broke how can I charge it
My laptop charger broke how can I charge it

my laptop charger broke how can i charge it with a power bank?

The ultimate guide to power banks

The best way to charge your laptop is with a power bank. You can use one of these devices, which are often upwards of 20000mAh and need at least 18V for them to be able to charge laptops correctly- it has the ability as well, not just work on one type or brand!

  1. Cheap yet durable power banks that’ll last a long time

These things typically range between $50-100 dollars depending on where you buy them, but this purchase should last longer than any other device out there given how much juice they pack inside, so do yourself (and maybe even save some money) justice by investing now before prices go higher.

Beware, though; not all charging systems will function when plugged into an unprotected charger port like those found on older gadgets. 

Also Read: Essential Laptop Security Tools for Protection

  1. Portable power banks: Which for what? Get the right one!

You never know when you’ll find yourself with a broken charger, and if it’s not already too late in the day, then this can put an end to any hopes of getting back on track. 

A portable power bank is always handy for these situations because they’re small enough that carrying one around won’t take up excessive space or weight while still providing enough juice to get your laptop running again! 

Most importantly, though, is knowing which type should be used with which device – make sure before buying so there aren’t any unpleasant surprises later down the line.

  1. Don’t be that guy! Get yourself a power bank for laptops

I’ve never met a power bank that I didn’t like! They are so useful.

 If you often travel and forget your charger, then get this amazing device for yourself now to keep in case of emergencies or just when it’s time to charge up again while on the go.

Reviews say they work great with most laptops (just make sure before buying). 

You can find these at any electronics store near where ever you go as well – but here is one tip: know what type will be able to charge yours first because not all laptop batteries need the same kind/size battery pack.

  1. The right charger for your needs: Voltage vs. Capacity

With its compact and versatile design, you can take this helpful accessory anywhere with ease! 

You will find that there are many options available in stores like Amazon so make sure to do some research before buying one yourself  to ensure it’s right for you based on voltage preference or capacity needed because not all products offer both qualities, which means they might be less convenient depending on what kind of charge level(s) someone needs at any given time.

The power of the battery is what makes this device great. It has a large capacity and can deliver precise voltage, so you avoid unnecessary over voltages!

  1. how to charge a dead laptop without a charger through USB-C?

What do you think about getting your dead laptop charged via USB-C? Let’s give it a chance to avail of the benefits.

How to quickly identify the right USB port

If your laptop has a USB port, you’ll likely be asked this question.

The answer depends on what type of connector the computer uses for transferring data from one device to another: 

either an Ethernet cable or Bluetooth Dongle will show up as two separate items when plugged in, and each has its respective connectors at its end; these are known respectively by Type A (a metal piece) and mini-B standards.

There is also MicroUSB – which can’t get any smaller than those last three letters suggest! And guess whose phone comes equipped with these devise connections? Yep – yours does too.

  1. USB Type-C – A revolutionary charging solution for your devices

Do you know when you have that one friend who is always bragging about how fast their car can go? Well, now there’s a USB port for them. 

You plug Type A into it and get juiced up in no time at all! 

Unfortunately, though- while this sleek new charger will give your laptop enough energy to do everything necessary on those long trips home from work or school (and then some!), unfortunately, laptops still need something more powerful than what type A has available…but fear not because here comes USB 3.1 with its brand spanking new connector called “USB TYPE C”!! 

This little guy also packs quite a punch, capable of delivering twice the amount of wattage over his predecessor.

Do you want to charge your laptop using USB type A but can’t? 

Don’t worry because, as it turns out, with the right cable and power supply (or wall outlet), we’re able to transfer more power than what was originally designed for.

I hope this information helps!

Charge your dead laptop with a USB-C: Apply these tips!

If you need to charge your dead laptop, just plug in a standard USB cord and let the charger do its job. There is no need for an additional power outlet or extension cable! 

To get started with this process, make sure that both ends have been adjusted accordingly: 

one end into which will go plugs from other devices like cell phones; another must be connected directly into outlets at home – 

Though full access isn’t possible because of circumstances such as being away on vacation, try using these instructions anyway by following them closely.

It doesn’t matter what kind but always check over unfamiliar equipment before putting in too much time/money.

  1. USB-C: Your future USB connector

USB-C is quickly becoming the standard for new laptops. 

And when you stop by at your local computer store, consider buying one with a USB-C port to ensure compatibility in future years!

It may be easy enough that purchasing an additional cable won’t take long either–though if we’re being honest here…you’ll need two cables: 

One from the past decade or so (USB A), as well as another more recent generation of connectors called “type C.” 

If this sounds like something up your alley, then make sure not only do they have those but also ones that can charge devices too.

  1. Getting more charging options with USB-C cables:

Future generations are likely to have USB-C cables, so you might be able to get a fresh charger from someone if your cable is lost. 

As of now, though, it may be tricky finding someone who has just the right kind of laptop charger for our needs–but that should change in due course!

The future is here, and it’s USB-C! You might be thinking that laptop chargers are outdated. 

But this new charger type will soon become the most popular one around because not only does it look sleek, durable, or fast – but also because almost all devices support this newer standard now.

How can i charge my laptop through HDMI?

Connect your laptop to a television using an HDMI cable. If it is not charging, follow these steps to charge up and get back going!

  1. Stage 1:

Suppose your laptop doesn’t have an HDMI adapter cable, a converter, or a connector for converting the video signal from its usual form to one that other devices like TVs and monitors can read. In that case, you won’t get any use out of this charger. 

The first step in ensuring it’s functional is ensuring all necessary hardware is available on hand; check if anything else needs replacing before moving forward!

  1. Stage 2: 

The easy way to charge your laptop! You’ll need an HDMI cable, and you can use any type of LCD TV that supports the cord.

Simply plug one end into the video input on your television or computer monitor- not both at once, though (that could cause problems). 

Then connect another end up with whichever port takes care of data transfer for whatever device it’s connected to; this includes laptops as well Chromebooks somehow… 

  1. Stage 3: 

Double-check your connection before trying the HDMI port. 

If you notice that it charges, then this means one of two things: either there’s a problem with whatever device is outputting power, or your laptop’s battery itself needs charging!

To charge using an external screen/dish instead of its built-in charger (which might take longer), plug-in both ends straight into their corresponding ports on either side; if not working at all – meaning only static noise appears – try ejecting and reconnecting again.

The above-mentioned Get, Set, and ready-go steps will guide you to charge your laptop without the charger.

  • HDMI cables and the need for more power

No matter the size of your screen, plug in an HDMI cable to connect with any TV. 

Laptops that need more power than one amount of voltage can provide them are often charged using specialized charging adapters that regulate electric current for their specified voltage range needed by device type or usage pattern. 

Make sure it has been certified as safe before connecting!

how to charge lenovo laptop without charger through a car battery?

Maintain your laptop while on the road:

If you spend a lot of time on the road, consider charging your laptop with an external battery pack or inverter. 

An inverter can convert standard house electricity into DC power while traveling and easily connect to laptops equipped with USB ports.

External battery packs can charge multiple devices at once, so they’re great if all members in your family need access to their device without having any wires getting tangled up around them!

  1. Easy inverter use: Everything you need to know to charge your lenovo laptop

One of the best ways to charge your lenovo laptop while on the go is with an inverter. 

These devices plug into a car’s cigarette lighter outlet and can provide up to 300W, which should be enough for most laptops but not big tools like drills or saws. 

The downside is that you have this clunky piece of hardware sitting somewhere in the vehicle; however, the upside makes it beginner-friendly – meaning anyone who has never used one before will understand how easy these work!

  1. Hardwiring your laptop: Don’t get fired!

Wired Lenovo laptops provide a great option for those who want to install their computers in the vehicle. This means you can’t easily remove it, but if this is what works best for your situation, then go ahead and get one wired!

Hardwiring your laptop is tricky because they come with different power supplies that need to be adapted. 

To do this safely, you’ll first have to know what voltage of DC the device can accept and then wire it into a regulator, which will plug right into your fuse box instead! 

Don’t forget — set it at an appropriate level, or else things could get fried.

How can i charge my laptop through a super battery?

Get extra battery life with a super battery

A super battery is a second device that you will connect to your laptop for extra power. 

You can use this if the original one is broken and it does not void any warranties, but be aware of how many times it needs to be charged before doing so!

  1. Get a super battery: Emergency power on the go

Super batteries are a great way to power your laptop in an emergency. 

Instead of regular external battery packs, they can be used and provide more juice when you need it most, but they’re not as efficient, so don’t use one every day unless necessary!

  1. Choosing between an original replacement and a super battery

In this situation, you have two options. 

You can either buy an original replacement from the same brand as your laptop or try to maintain a charge for more than four hours with one of these super batteries by using a less expensive alternative method that might work in emergencies but has limitations on how long they’ll last when used frequently over time because each method we’ve mentioned so far comes at different costs and benefits depending upon what’s being utilized most often during use.

d) The alternative: Charger insurance

Having an original charger is always better, but it’s good to have backups in case your regular one gets lost or damaged. 

Original chargers can be had for less than the price of accessories, so even if you spend more money on other things like replacing broken pieces with the same-quality items from brands such as Apple (or any other brand), this isn’t going to hurt too badly!

how to charge a dead laptop without a charger through a universal adapter?

Universal laptop charger: Faster and more efficient!

Universal adapters are great for having multiple laptops and want them all charged at once. 

They work similarly to your regular charger, but instead of plugging into one specific type of laptop, they can be changed depending on the battery power needed by whichever machine it’s attached to!

  1. How to use a universal adapter: Two key considerations for charging a dead laptop

There are tons out there in varying wattages with different pins, so make sure that any universal adaptors purchased fit both input AND output specifications before buying anything else. Otherwise, money will go down the drain (pun intended)!  

To use these useful devices effectively, just consider two things: 

Firstly how much electricity do I need? 

And secondly, which connection point does my computer take on this particular model already installed.

  1. Working with laptop adapters: Know your pin sizes

One of the most important things you need for a laptop is an adapter. 

The type and shape will determine how well it fits into your device, so make sure to get one with pins that are similar in appearance from both ends before buying!

You can do it! Connect the charger to a power source and watch as your battery charges.

  1. how to charge lenovo laptop without charger through an external battery?

One of the most widely used alternative methods on how to charge a Lenovo laptop without a charger is through an outside battery.

  1. When all other options fail – non-rechargeable batteries

This can be done in two ways: you’ll need either removable batteries or one that’s been specifically made to work with your computer model and brand, so make sure before buying anything else. Suffice it say, this method uses more power than recharging from a wall socket (which isn’t always available), but when all other options fail – there could potentially even come times where not having juice means life or death! 

It also usually has a longer standby time–meaning less frequent use required during emergencies).

  1. Don’t let your laptop battery die from a lack of power!

You can charge your laptop’s battery directly with an outside power source! This small cable connects a standard outlet to the back of most laptops, so it’s easy for you not to have problems charging or maintaining charges on multiple devices. Some brands may void their warranty if they remove this type themselves, though- make sure before taking action as removal could cause further damage.

  1. Laptop warranties have protective dates: Here’s how to keep yours

If you want to maintain your laptop’s warranty, it’s worth considering buying a new charger. 

Some laptops have an internal battery that cannot be removed, and charging cables don’t work with them either-so; this is not recommended for those models of computer hardware! 

But if all else fails, there are some external batteries available on Amazon, which will charge almost any device at about half price compared to the cost of replacing just one part.

If your laptop’s internal battery doesn’t operate, you can use an outside charger. It will decrease its performance, but it might be what saves on some time for work!

  1. my laptop charger broke how can i charge it through a solar charger?

Have you been looking for an innovative way to charge your laptop when your charger is broken? 

Well, solar chargers may just be what you need! 

  1. Moving On: Solar chargers may be the way to go

These clever and portable devices can provide hours’ worth of power on the go. Solar Chargers come in varying kits, depending upon how big (and expensive) or small they want it – each costing between $150-500 dollars respectively, which is quite costly compared with other options out there like battery packs ($100). 

There are many advantages if one uses these products: They’re efficient because they don’t use up any energy-producing heat while charging as conventional batteries do.  

And since everything charges equally from the sun’s rays, sunlight will always have something left over at night no matter where I am located.

  1. Skip the portable battery packs, get a solar charger

If you want to charge your laptop in case of a broken charger, there is no better way than owning one of these chargers. 

They are more expensive but also less bulky and efficient when compared with other types of portable battery packs for many reasons like cloudy conditions at night or in low light situations where it’s difficult for solar panels, etcetera to operate effectively enough (inclement weather). 

But don’t worry! 

With just a few minutes’ worths of time each day during any given weekdays–or even weekends if possible!–you’ll be able to charge all your cell phones and tablets.

10. how to charge a dead laptop without a charger through your smartphone?

a) When your laptop is dead, use your smartphone as a power bank to charge it:

In case your laptop is dead, you can use your smartphone as a power bank to charge your laptop. For obvious reasons, this won’t work for long periods, so it’s usually only used in dire circumstances and emergencies.

Carrying around extra batteries might not sound like the most appealing thing but trust me when I say that having one charged up will be handy more than enough times throughout any given day!

  1. Phone battery deserves more than a charge: 3 hours of power on the go

We all know that our phones have very short battery life. It’s unfortunate because they are such an important part of today’s society and we can’t live without them! The good news?

You don’t need to worry about your phone when it comes time for charging-just plugging in will give you three hours (or more) worth of power before needing another round again!.

  1. Safety first: Keep your phone charged

The cell phone is a great tool to have when you’re in an emergency, but it can also become useless if there isn’t any power left. 

A good plan would be investing money into getting yourself some sort of battery pack so that your device will always stay charged and ready for use!

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