Why are business laptops more expensive?

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There are numerous factors to be kept in mind while purchasing a laptop for your business. But what are those factors that give rise to the question, “why are business laptops more expensive?”

Multiple functions are needed to be controlled simultaneously while making use of a laptop during business affairs. 

Emails, web browsing, drafting documents and making presentations are all that you need to do in just a single click and for that, a laptop with high processing and wide storage is necessary. 

High processing speed, great memory storage, and battery health refer to the fact that the product is going to be a bit expensive. 

It’s mostly because of the high-grade component that is being used in these business laptops. All these factors justify why are business laptops more expensive. 

These business laptops have cooling systems as the use them is comparatively more and their battery health is also supposed to be significantly strong. 

Whether it’s about sheer value for money, a plethora of features, or exceptional specifications, these business laptops have something for all to surprise you. 

These laptops are better in every way. Better functionality, better battery health, more ports and connectivity options, better portability, sleek design, lightweight, and better efficiency are what make consumers choose these laptops for their business runs. 

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There are many new and old versions and models of these business laptops. However, the only thing that you have to keep in mind is their exceeding price range. 

Let’s get to know some of the reasons why business laptops are more expensive as compared to other laptops:

Why are business laptops more expensive
Why are business laptops more expensive – Laptopica.com

Premium features

In such business laptops, the best part is that most of the tools and important software are pre-installed. Hence, most of the useful applications and software are already installed, making their features premium and saving your time from downloading as well.

 Also, it is one of the reasons why are business laptops more expensive than the rest of them. It’s because of these pre-installed applications and software that all the recent updates directly get installed on your device. 

Insurance is paid

The insurance of such laptops is already paid. Most of the users are not willing to pay insurance hence, it’s easy way that all of the insurance is already paid for such laptops. 

The prices of these laptops are inclusive of the prices of these laptops as well. 

Powerful components

The hardware and software that are inculcated in these laptops are of premium and high-grade quality. 

These laptops are more compatible to handle numerous tasks all at once. It’s mainly because of the powerful elements that make these laptops powerful too. 

Fast processor

The faster the processor of the laptop is, the easier and smoother your work goes. It’s because of the fast processor these business laptops have that makes them expensive as well. 

As compared to a normal laptop, there is a huge difference between the processor of a business laptop and a normal laptop. 

To work efficiently during business hours, your laptop should act accordingly and that’s what makes these laptops a win and give them a reason why are business laptops more expensive. 

Excellent built-in quality 

The built-in quality of your business laptop speaks volumes. The metallic and shiny body along with outstanding features and specifications is what makes your business laptop’s built-in quality a 10/10. 

They are designed in such a way that they last longer. It’s because of these reasons that why are business laptops more expensive in comparison. 

Their second-hand option is also considerable

Even if you consider selling them your business laptop after a certain usage, you wouldn’t regret your purchase. These laptops have great resale value. Most laptops become slow after a certain usage but these laptops are known for their exceptional quality and built-in specs. Even after a rough usage for years, their resale value would leave you amazed. 

Less bloatware

Business laptops have strict rules with bloatware. You wouldn’t get pissed off with unwanted and annoying bloatware pop-up notifications. These laptops are clear and neat. 

You would hardly find any advertisement beeping in your business laptop notification bar. Hence you don’t have to worry about the bloatware of these laptops. 

This feature is unique and new that is found only in these business laptops, hence it makes them a bit pricey. 

Outstanding security

With Z+ security, your business laptop is safe from all trojans, viruses, and malware. You don’t have to think for once about the security of your data and personal credentials on your laptop. 

It’s almost impossible for your data or any personal information to get leaked or for your security to be degraded. It’s the Z+ security that makes your laptop safe from all aspects and a bit expensive too. 


The least that you have to care about is the maintenance of your business laptop. They are robust and hence they don’t require special care or maintenance to work now and then. 

Both the software and the hardware of your laptop are safe and secure and are maintained automatically at the same time. 


The warranty period of these business laptops is longer than that of a normal laptop. Usually, it happens that the warranty period of the laptops is less and hence it gets difficult to analyze the performance of the laptop. 

However, these business laptops are the best in terms of warranty and that’s what makes them pricey as well. 

Which laptops are best suited for business affairs?

There are many options of laptops for you to choose from for your business. Some of the most popular ones include HP EliteBook. The reason to choose this one is because of the top-notch processor, great security, great flexibility, and star-studded customer reviews over its performance. 

Another one can be HP ProBook. These laptops have amazing designs and keep your files safe. The features and specifications of this model are amazing however, it’s a bit pricey but worth every penny. 

You can also choose HPZ Book. The processor, the battery health, the storage capacity, and above all, the security are outstanding. 

It can be a blind buy. You wouldn’t regret spending bucks on this one. It can be the perfect one for your business. 

HP Chromebook is also an amazing addition to the business laptop family. The design of the laptop isn’t that bulky, it’s easy to carry. 

The storage of this model is quite sufficient and above all, the model is highly durable. It doesn’t require unnecessary maintenance and hence it’s quite user-friendly as well. 


We hope that you have already got the answer to this question, “why are business laptops more expensive?” are all the right reasons that make these business laptops a bit expensive as compared to normal laptops. The prices of these laptops are justified. 

Certain factors make these laptops supreme and ideal for those who have a startup or are already in the business pool. 

The mentioned laptops are some of the best examples of business laptops, save yourself from the hassle of finding the best one and buying anyone from the ones mentioned above. Happy shopping!


The major difference between both these laptops is the graphics. A normal or business laptop doesn’t fulfill the graphic requirements as that of a gaming laptop. You cannot play and enjoy games on a laptop whose graphics are not up to the mark.
Gaming laptops have high processors and storage as well so yes business laptops can play games easily. But, there are a few factors to be kept in mind while using a gaming laptop for business purposes. What makes a gaming laptop different from a business laptop is usually its graphics and processing.
To run multiple programs at the same time, 8 GB of memory is enough for the user to execute programs simultaneously. Business laptops having 8 GB of memory work without any hassle. 
Intel’s Celeron and Pentium have the lowest processing whereas Corei7, corei9, and Xeon lines have the highest processing. For business laptops, what we seek is the fastest processor so ideally, corei7, corei9, and Xeon lines are better. 
Most of the software that is pre-installed in business laptops doesn’t have Mac versions and that is why it gets tough to get along with a Mac laptop in business affairs and meetings. Hence, it’s better not to choose the Mac series for your business dealings. 

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