Why is my laptop fan so loud when charging? – Guide 2023

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With excessive laptop usage, the battery gets drained, and you need to get it charged but wait? Why is my laptop fan so loud when charging? 

Do you also experience an annoying buzzing sound coming from the laptop fan when you plug it in for charging? If yes, it’s not typical for such a sound to come out while it’s being charged. 

Maybe there is a problem with the charging port or with the charger. It can either be an issue with the charging cable as well. 

Once you hear such a noise, you should examine the charging port, charging cable, and charger to see any external damage or cracks. 

You should ignore this buzzing sound coming out. Even if it appears to be due to a damaged charging port, this shouldn’t be overlooked. 

It’s because if the charging port is damaged, it can melt in and explode and can cause severe damage while you keep on charging your laptop unknowingly. 

Signs of a laptop having good health include no such humming or buzzing should come from anywhere while it’s getting charged. 

However, these are primary issues, and maybe none of them is valid in your case. There can be some other internal problems with the fan or maybe with your laptop too. 

Let’s get the answer to the question, why is my laptop fan soloud when charging’? 

Why is my laptop fan so loud when charging
Why is my laptop fan so loud when charging – Laptopica.com

What other reasons cause a buzzing sound while the laptop is being charged?

While we have already addressed the primary concerns, there are still some other valid reasons that can cause a whirring sound when your laptop is being charged. 

Some of the reasons may include malfunctioning of the HDD or the speaker. When laptop fans run at full speed, they create a buzzing sound. Or even if the HDD or speaker is okay, then there may be a malfunctioning of the motherboard that is suffering from internal damage. 

Other reasons for your laptop fan so loud when charging’ include dust clogging the laptop fans. The clogged fans don’t help the laptop cool down while it’s heated up. 

Along with this issue, you also need to check internal hardware. Maybe there is any malfunctioning over there that needs to be checked. 

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What to do if your laptop makes noise when plugged in? 

  • The foremost step to be taken while resolving this issue is to remove the laptop battery and see if it’s working. 

Disconnecting the battery from the motherboard would make things clear and sort out the problem. After plugging in the power adapter, you can turn your laptop on. 

If the buzzing sound disappears, you should accept that the battery is okay. Don’t forget to check out the charging circuit as well. 

Firstly replace the battery and see if it helps in removing the buzzing sound or not. If there isn’t any problem with the battery, then your second option should be to check the charging circuit. 

Also, don’t forget to inform the dealer or the company from which you have made the purchase. Maybe they can be of any help in this regard. 

  • You can use any other adapter whose voltage and ampere should match. Try removing the hard disk or replacing it with a new one. 

Some other reasons that may explain why is your laptop fan so loud when charging.

Sometimes it happens that the AC adapter has got some damage, and it results in the form of noises coming out from the laptop. 

You can also check the charger of the computer as well by using a voltmeter so you can measure the output of the charger. 

  • Thoroughly check the condition of your laptop fans to see if they are warped, broken, or damaged from somewhere or if they need maintenance and lubrication. 

Don’t forget to check the speakers of the laptop as well. It’s because, with time, the laptop speakers become old, and you can check by using headphones and uninstalling the driver. 

If the noise is still coming from the laptop, the speakers are acceptable. 

  • In most traditional laptops, the hard drives are mechanical, and they become a source of buzzing noise coming out from the computer. 
  • The last hack that you can try is the motherboard of the computer. If the results are still the same even after trying these hacks, try a new motherboard, and you will get to know why is your laptop fan so loud when charging using any of these hacks. 

It usually happens that such buzzing and whirring sounds coming out from your laptop is maybe because of the motherboard that has got damaged. 

It’s difficult to analyze exactly where in the motherboard the problem is lying, so you better take it to any technician and get the problem checked. 


You must have found out why is your laptop fan so loud when charging, as the above article has covered almost all of the valid reasons why this sound comes. 

The article also covers the relevant answers to handling this problem by taking specific measures. 

You have to be particular about the situation, as it’s essential to address the exact problem before telling the technician. 

These remedies are easy, and it’s better if you first try the basic steps and see if they are working or not. 

Cleaning the fans, checking the speakers, looking for any fault in the charger or the charging port, and changing the adapter are all primary steps that you can take at home by yourself. 

However, it is recommended to move on to any technician when the fault is extensive or you have no understanding of what should be done. 

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In most laptop models, the fans are usually quiet, and they don’t make any buzzing noises. When you are using the laptop for heavy-duty tasks, then, the load on the CPU multiplies, and that is the reason it gets heated up. Once the temperature rises, the cooling sensors speed up to drop the temperature by using the fans 100%, which is when you may encounter these whirring or buzzing noises.
A simple way is to remove the dust from the fan and malware. You can also use a cooling pad to maintain the laptop's temperature. Choose the correct surface where you have placed your computer. 
Sometimes this continuous buzzing and humming sound doesn’t look nice, and it indicates malfunctioning, any problem within the components, or any internal infection. This needs to get sorted out soon. 
The best way to cool down your laptop is by using a cooling pad. This pad helps drop the rising temperature and also helps in preventing it from increasing.
It’s a simple procedure to clean the dust out of your laptop fan. You need to turn your laptop off and clean its blades.  Ensure you have tightened the screws and analyze if the edges are okay or warped. Properly lubricate the fan's motor and check the pull chain.